Here’s Why Riding Out is More Important Than Ever for 2021

Riding Out

Here’s Why Riding Out is More Important Than Ever for 2021

The BHS have announced Ride Out UK will return for 2021 and is calling on horse riders and other outdoor enthusiasts to help raise vital funds needed to keep Britain’s bridle paths open and safe for use. The annual campaign celebrates and raises awareness of the important mission that continues to protect and improve safe off-road routes for horses and riders across the UK. 

The need for the great outdoors has been more important than ever since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign not only raises awareness and vital funds to help keep bridle paths open and users safe, but it once again helps encourage activity and collaboration within the community.

The 2021 Ride Out UK campaign will run from May 1st until the end of October. During this time, the BHS aim to encourage people to explore their local area and take part in the campaign however they can, raising crucial funds for the BHS Ride Out Fund.

There are several ways to get involved, through organised rides or a Rideathon, a sponsored hacking challenge. 


The Rideathon challenges people to ride 70km and raise £70 (or more) for The BHS Ride Out Fund. But it’s not just for horse riders. Participants can also complete the challenge on foot, bike or horse and will all receive a BHS Ride Out UK 2021 rosette and personalised certificate for their contribution. For more information on how to take part in the Rideathon challenge, visit the website:

Organised Rides

There are also many local organised rides and events coming up over the next 6 months, so keep an eye out on the BHS website as they are announced:

Safety First

While the campaign encourages hacking out, on the road and across country, it remains imperatively important that anyone who takes part in the campaign wears appropriate hi-vis equipment. Where available, it is recommended to use bridle paths, and other hacking routes to help minimise use of the road, especially during peak periods or when visibility may be poor.

The BHS Ride Out Fund has provided funding for projects which open and/or enable safe off-road equestrian routes throughout the UK since 2015. As a charity, the more funds that are raised, the more projects can be assisted to improve the lives of equestrians and other users around the UK.

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