Haygain saved from administration 

HAYGAIN steamers

On 19 January 24, Haygain Ltd went into administration and at that point, there was no indication whether the brand would be offered for sale.  However, it now looks as if Haygain products could be back on the shelves, possibly by the end of this year, as the brand now has a new owner, who is reported to be “thrilled” by the procurement.  

Farm & Stable (F&S) LLP has secured ownership of the Haygain brand name and the business intellectual property rights. The Group prides itself on having delivered “impeccable service” for over 45 years. Their management group will now concentrate on producing a comprehensive plan to integrate the Haygain brand, reintroduce products back into the market, and outline its future strategic positioning.  

F&S has stated that, although it does not have a legal obligation to honor warranties on Haygain products previously sold, they have committed to “finding a satisfactory solution” for customers who may be experiencing issues with current products. Additionally, for customers with outstanding orders placed with Haygain, again F&S will endeavor to find a satisfactory solution.  The company anticipates that Haygain products will be available on shelves towards the latter end of 2024 with, hopefully, spare parts being available in the shorter term.  

In 2012, Farm and Stable, a family-owned business, proudly became a distributor for Haygain products in Germany and England. The have sold over 4,000 Haygain products, making hundreds of connections with customers until their successful partnership ended in 2022. Farm and Stable then went on to produce their own hay steamers, with the knowledge acquired through selling Haygain steamers and, along with their sister company FS Animal Health launched their own brand in the UK, the Nuveq steamers, in early 2023. 


Farm and Stable are very excited about this acquisition of the Haygain brand name and plan to have both Nuveq and Haygain products coexist harmoniously, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for equine health and remain committed to delivering the exceptional quality and innovation equal to the Haygain name.  

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