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Harriet Upton - Out with Danny and Nutz the dog on a hack
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Harriet Upton – “It’s been a quiet month, with my three mares (Boo, Rosie and Arabella) still on their break. They are coming to their last two weeks of R&R, before they get their shoes back on and dragged in from their 15 acre field where they have been eating their body weight in grass, resting and just being wild ponies.

Great news Arabella has made a full recovery from her stomach abscess and although I have been told to crack on by the vet, I am giving her a longer holiday to rest and recuperate.

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Hector has started his walk work for two weeks with his owner Sarah, he is looking very well… fat! I get to sit on him this week.

Danny has been back in work for a month and his walk work has started to increase, he has also been going to Pip Waite’s Aqua Treadmill, where he walks on a treadmill that fills with water whilst he is in it, this makes them work all their muscles and is especially good for strengthening their core muscles. I cannot wait to see the change in Danny this season as the water treadmill has had great results on other horses we know.

Harriet Upton - Out with Danny and Nutz the dog on a hack
Harriet Upton – Out with Danny and Nutz the dog on a hack


Not one to lay around, I have been working for Tina Cook this month and riding her wonderful horses which has been so much fun and very educational.

I’ve started back with my fitness too, I’ve been gyming and running 4/5 times a week and doing pilates.

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In addition, I have just come back from an amazing trip to New York (a wonderful surprise from my boyfriend). It was the best holiday I have ever been on! The cheesecake was incredible, the shopping was incredible, New York is just incredible! I definitely recommend going there!

Now it’s the build up to Christmas, a big deal in our household, we have 16 for Christmas this year, but this usually expands as we get closer! As I write this Mum is watching her first Christmas film. (I give it a week and she will definitely be watching “The Holiday”)! The Christmas booze has been ordered, the recipe books are out and I am pretty sure the tree will be up soon. This year I do hope they get a tree small enough for me to be able to put the angel on the top without having to get on to my brother’s shoulders! Given my petite height though, do they do Bonsai Christmas trees…?

Till next time – wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and here’s to a wonderful 2016!”

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