Harriet and Sula Master the Mini Major at Liverpool International

Sula von Bulow Mini Major

Mini Major Pairs Relay, sponsored by ARCHCO Developments

Riding with what can only be described as ‘nerves of steel’ the younger generation of show jumping talent shone through during this afternoon’s Mini Major Pairs Relay at the Liverpool International Horse Show.

In the competition where kids get to team up with international superstars, there was everything to ride for under the spotlights of the Liverpool Echo arena in this fast and furious class.

Dressed only in their very best superstar outfits, 14 horse and rider combinations teamed up for a fast-paced relay round of show jumping. The first part of the test saw the younger riders set the pace and once past the finish line, the red flag was lowered for the older generation to seal the deal.

It was the second pairing out, Harriet ‘Superwoman’ Nuttall and Sula von Bulow who stopped the clock on 48.87, a time that throughout the class proved too hard to beat. Young Sula rode a brave round of tight turns before Harriet thundered around the arena to claim the early lead.

Said eight-year-old Sula von Bulow “It was really fun and exciting”

“We all actually try so hard for this class, it’s all for the kids” continued Harriet.

Harriet Nuttall riding in the Mini Major Relay at Liverpool International Horse Show 2018

The next pair who looked set to eclipse the leaders was Wirral based Emily ‘Hulk’ Ward and Persia Calderbank. Although both rode clear, the time [50.14] was no match for the current leaders placing them nicely into second, but the question was for how long.

It was Paul Barker and his fabulous counterpart, Isabella Saunders-Cook who snatched second place from Emily and Persia, with a round that finished only 0.2 seconds ahead.

Embracing the spirit of the show was President and Founder of Liverpool International Horse Show, Nina ‘Superwoman’ Barbour. Riding a fabulous, yet steady clear alongside younger rider Hallie O’Dell, the pair stopped the clock on a modest 60.66 to eventually take 11th place.

There was also an outstanding display of pony riding by Eve McCoy, 11-year-old daughter of 20-time champion jump jockey AP McCoy. In partnership with Tony Pearson, the pair who finished sixth, provided a blistering round of showjumping that her watching father would have been proud of.







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