From Stable To Street: Hardwearing polo belts from pampeano

pampeano headcollar

From Stable To Street: Hardwearing polo belts from pampeano

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The eye-catching pattern of the iconic polo belt dates back to when polo was first adopted in Argentina in the 1870’s. The bright colours distinguished the different teams, and the style is now synonymous with polo and all things equestrian in this country too.

Argentinian style and craftsmanship lie behind the handmade belts, equestrian and dog accessories at pampeano, an equestrian lifestyle brand in Oxfordshire that works with skilled artisans in Argentina. We’ve spotted their belts everywhere in recent years, from our favourite equestrian and Instagram accounts to polo-loving members of the royal family.

The appeal of these polo belts is that while they look good enough for a day out at Cowdray, and give any outfit an “if you know you know” lift, they are also beautifully made and hard-wearing enough to wear in the yard or out in the fields. That’s why pampeano expanded their range so successfully into dog collars and leads, and even halters.

Here’s a round-up of our favourite creations from pampeano:

1. Sereno Polo Belt

This summery but hard-wearing belt will go with absolutely everything. The blue, navy and cream threads contrast beautifully set against the rich Havana brown of the buttery Argentine leather belt, which is completed with a stunning antique brass coloured buckle.

pampeano Sereno Polo Belt
pampeano Sereno Polo Belt

Learn more about the pampeano Sereno Polo Belt here >>

2. Navidad Dog Collar

It’s hard to pick a favourite from these dog collars, but the handstitched Navidad leather pampeano dog collar just inches into the lead with vibrantly coloured saddlery threads in gold, navy, red and racing green.

pampeano Dog Collar
pampeano Dog Collar

Learn more about the pampeano Dog Collar here >>

3. Children’s Belt

If you’ve ever tried to find a great belt for your child, you’ll appreciate what a gem this is! The children’s belts don’t come in the full range of colours, but we love the Multi, made up of five colours: cream, racing green, light blue, deep navy and chilli red. These colours are hand-stitched in robust wax-dipped saddlery thread, ensuring maximum durability; perfect for climbing trees and playing tag without fear of a broken belt.

pampeano Children's Belt
pampeano Children’s Belt

Learn more about the pampeano Children’s Belt here >>

4. pampeano Headcollar

The designers at pampeano understand that when it comes to polo high-quality equipment, such as polo headcollars, that safety and performance is an obligation. They, therefore, take great responsibility and pride in developing and producing handmade equipment that meets these standards through discerning sizing, materials and design.

pampeano Headcollar

We also love the bright colours of this headcollar – definitely worth the extra bit of effort in cleaning!

Learn More about the pampeano Headcollar here >>

5. Igualdad Polo Belt

We couldn’t resist including this rainbow polo belt in our roundup – a recent best-seller, it’s a great twist on pampeano’s classic styles, but enjoys the same care and attention to detail as everything else in the collection, with meticulous craftsmanship from their team in Argentina.

Rainbow Belt
pampeano Rainbow Belt

Learn more about the pampeano Rainbow Belt here >>

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