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Young Equestrians Encouraged to Identify Environmental Studies Programs

Green Is the New Blue (GNB), a non-profit organization that strives to reduce the environmental impact of horse sports, continues to offer a wealth of resources for the industry to learn about easy, straightforward sustainability practices to improve their ecological impact. 

Among these resources are several ways for young equestrians to combine higher education, riding, and sustainability, including the Green Team Challenge scholarship and a new database full of information on Environmental Studies programs across the U.S. 

The GNB website offers an overview of Environmental Studies in higher education. Colleges across the country are actively expanding their programs as more students become interested in the field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job opportunities and security in this field will grow by 8% over the next ten years. 


“Assisting young individuals in developing a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues and how equestrian activities intersect with them will have major benefits for the sport for years to come,” said R. Scot Evans, the organization’s Creative Director. “Environmental Studies is a growing area of study and having a tool for young equestrians to learn more about pursuing careers in that field will allow our sport to benefit from our best and brightest equestrian scholars.”

Green Is the New Blue has also compiled a database of Environmental Studies programs at colleges and universities that offer equestrian activities such as an IHSA or NCEA team. GNB is constantly expanding this resource, which allows users to explore schools by location, environmental program, and equestrian team options.

“If we can help young equestrians identify schools with riding/equestrian programs that offer environmental majors, we are sure to increase the number of students from our sport who pursue environmental careers,” Evans said. “This will all work for the long-term good of the sport and the environment.”

More information on Green Is the New Blue, ways to help make horse sports more environmentally conscious and sustainable, and the combination of equestrian activities and Environmental Studies in higher education is available at Green is the new blue website.

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