Grand National in doubt due to coronavirus

grand national line up announced

Grand National in doubt due to coronavirus

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The sports world has taken a massive hit this week as top sports leagues around the globe have suspended operations until April. The NBA, NHL, and Premier League have pushed the pause button on their current seasons with the hopes of resuming once the rise in coronavirus cases dies down. The Cheltenham Festival went off without a hitch despite the panic and sports organizations shutting down. The running of Cheltenham Festival is the lead-up race to the Grand National in April. The most valuable jump race in Europe is set to go ahead for now and horse racing punters can get Grand national free bets and offers before wagering on the horse they believe will win the event.

There is a debate over whether the Grand National and other sporting events, should be postponed or allowed to take place. The United Kingdom is currently in delay measures to slow down the spread of the disease after more than 600 people were diagnosed as of Friday, March 13.

The disadvantages of continuing the Grand National as planned on April 3 outweigh the advantages currently. However, that doesn’t mean the spike in the coronavirus cases won’t decline in the days leading up to the horse race. In February, most people had little idea about the coronavirus and its effects. The rise in cases has been sudden but according to Chinese media, the cases in the epicentre of the outbreak are on the decline. Still, running the Grand National in early April could be just a little too soon.

There are three options the Grand National has in the lead up to the race. The first is the one no horse racing fan, trainer, jockey or owner wants, and that is the complete cancellation of the Grand National. The second option is to carry on with the race but to ban spectators from attending the race card. Still, individuals would come in contact with one another causing the potential spread of the virus. Just because the public are not allowed into the racecourse, it doesn’t mean that the coronavirus won’t be spread to those on hand.

The third option open to the Grand National’s organizers is the postponement of the horse racing event. Postponing it makes the most sense as other sports leagues have put their seasons on pause. The Grand National could simply be run in late April or May as the wave of the virus and the panic created by social media dies down.

The Premier League’s decision to suspend the league until April 3 is the best evidence to show that the Grand National could be run as usual. The Grand National is set to be run one day later. If the Premier League does in fact continue that same weekend, there is little reason to suspect that the Grand National won’t be run as well.

There is a cry already for more events to be cancelled this year including summer sports such as the French Open, Wimbledon, and the Olympics. However, there is still a lot of time until these major sports dates, and it is too early to tell how bad the spread of coronavirus will be.

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