FREE Sweet Itch Management Guide

Sweet Itch Management Guide from the Golden Paste Company

Experts in natural supplements, The Golden Paste Company have created a FREE Sweet Itch Management Guide for horse owners to refer to this spring.

Available to download below, the guide forms part of the Sweet Itch busting campaign the company have put together for the season ahead and details helpful management tips and how to treat the debilitating condition using their innovative natural product, TurmerItch.

The guide covers:

  • What is sweet itch?
  • What causes sweet itch in horses?
  • What are the symptoms of sweet itch?
  • Is there a cure
  • Management tips
  • What raw ingredient helps with sweet itch?
  • Feed to Prep, Prime & Prevent Sweet Itch?
  • What customers say about TurmerItch?

So, whether you are looking at ways to treat sweet-itch, or you know of a friend who is looking for information on how to, this helpful guide is a great print-out or download to have to hand.


For more information on TurmerItch visit The Golden Paste Company – TurmerItch

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