Five reasons why taking up horse riding will improve your health

Five reasons why taking up horse riding will improve your health

Five reasons why taking up horse riding will improve your health

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We all know horse riding is good for us, but we sometimes don’t get as far as thinking as to why it is so good for our health!

Here, Myprotein health and fitness expert Faye Reid, discusses how horse riders are some of the nation’s fittest folk!

#1 Cantering without stirrups helps strengthen your core

You may think you need to do thousands of squats to achieve a sculpted set of legs and a firm bum; however did you know the equestrian lover uses every leg muscle imaginable to ride effectively? Faye’s top tip ‘throw away the yoga ball and try cantering with no stirrups, that’s how to gain balance and a strong core. Relax your hips and grip with your thighs to gain perfectly toned legs.”


#2 Full body workout

Nine times out of ten, a horse rider has one hell of a hectic lifestyle. A morning mucking out can burn off those biscuits while helping create the most amazing abs! Faye says ‘emptying your wheelbarrow is great for building upper-body strength and banishes those bingo wings’.

#3 Nutrition is key

Training plans? We have them. Diet plans? Our horses do! Rest days? Never!

Nutrition is at the top of list for any fitness enthusiast. Faye says ‘equestrian lovers generally have an unrivalled diet. By consuming a high intake of fruit and veg and constantly topping up their water troughs, diets are varied and super nutritious’


#4 Vitamin D sufficient

 ‘Vitamin D is a vital nutrient our body needs to function properly. Being exposed to natural day light is the best source of Vitamin D, so being outdoors definitely boosts your energy and overall wellbeing’ says Faye.

#5 Multi-disciplinary

Horse riding compromises of three main disciplines, dressage, show jumping and cross country. There’s no doubt about it, this is a tough sport, combining elements from sports such as rugby, ballet and golf.  For example, the strength, stamina and risks of a rugby player, knowledge of a golfer and the etiquette of a ballerina, equestrians are tough as old boots!



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