Find Out More About: EQUAH 

Find Out More About: EQUAH 

Revolutionising the equine trading space, EQUAH are an online equestrian auction house with a difference. Providing a proven and trusted platform for trading horses, EQUAH was founded by Jonny Lea and Johnathan Bowman who saw a gap in the market for offering amateurs and professionals alike an honest and trusted way to buy and sell horses, uniting the trading community as a whole. We caught up with Jonny Lea from EQUAH to get to know more about what EQUAH offers. 

Jonny Lea

What’s your background with horses? 

My passion is firstly show jumping and more recently breeding quality jumpers. Having always had horses around, I first became interested in riding and competing at 14 when I noticed my sister winning prize money at shows, it was a great way to bump up my pocket money! 

How did you come up with the idea for EQUAH? 

EQUAH is the brainchild of myself and my longstanding friend Johnathan Bowman, we both have a passion for horses and wanted to support the industry. Our vision is to unite the equine community, both those who sell regularly and those who are just selling one or two horses. For both sellers and buyers, we wanted to streamline the whole process. In Europe, horse auctions are far more common practice and a great way of trading. We wanted to replicate this same process and be able to deliver consistent, honest and affordable horses for people to enjoy. 

Johnathan Bowman

How long have you worked in the equestrian industry? 

Since leaving College. I went to train with Jean & Steve Davenport. 


Is EQUAH just for sports horses? 

The unique thing about EQUAH is that it caters to all equestrian buyers and sellers. We want to be accessible to all, no matter what discipline and/or level. We always incorporate a range of foals, broodmares, performance horses, pony club ponies and riding club horses into our catalogues. We try to cover all types so that we can ensure there is something for everyone. 

How do you differ to other UK and European based auctions? 

We believe there is no other UK auction like us and we are only just beginning! We have the vision to consistently unite the equine trade community, driving both value & simplicity for the buyer & seller through online auctions. We have learnt a lot from our European competitors who are more advanced and seasoned in hosting equine auctions. A lot of other auctions are quite elite and not accessible to everyone, this was one of the main reasons we wanted to start EQUAH. The other key thing we always highlight is that all horses in our auctions can be vetted and tried before the auction begins. Both Johnathan and I are very experienced in sourcing horses for riders, and we pride ourselves on being there to help buyers and sellers every step of the way. We offer a lot of support at EQUAH and I think this is something which makes us different. 

Are auctions suitable for amateurs?

Yes most definitely. We are here to support our less experienced customers every step of the way. We take a personal approach and apply our knowledge and experience along with leveraging our extensive network of equestrians. We have had a number of amateurs and buyers who haven’t purchased through an auction before, all have had very positive experiences and say they would purchase again. 

What protection do buyers have? (e.g. vettings, trials) 

We have taken every step to ensure the best protection possible for both the buyers & sellers and treat both fairly. Buyers are able to view and vet the horse if desired before the auction, which is something we organise and offer support with. 

For vendors, what are the benefits of selling through EQUAH? 

The main benefit is that sellers have an unlimited audience with no hassle and access to the best sale price at a specified date and time. We operate on a global platform and have clients all over the world. Our aim is to support the equestrian trade community at all times, so we really are there to help every step of the way from providing media guidance to liaising with potential buyers. 

For buyers, what are benefits of purchasing through EQUAH?

Buyers can shop from anywhere with no middleman, brokers or agents to increase prices. It’s a straightforward process on a proven and trusted platform. Both Johnathan and myself help particularly first time buyers every step of the way, but for all buyers we are always here. 

How often do you run your auctions? 

We aim to run our bespoke auctions approximately every six weeks.

EQUAH Auction image of foal

What’s the auction process? How long does it run for? 

We always follow the same proven format. The collection goes live online one week before the auction and live bidding will commence on a Friday evening at 7pm and will finish Sunday evening when all lots start to close from 8pm.

How long has EQUAH been established? 

EQUAH was established in January 2022. It’s still relatively new but we’ve worked tirelessly to perfect the format and we’re always looking for ways to improve too. 

What’s your top tip for selling success? 

The quality of the photography and videography has proven integral to showcasing Lots to their full potential. We also offer additional support and guidance on this if sellers require it. 

Jumping pony

Do you have any success stories from the auctions? 

We have so many great ones already. In particular commenting on how easy the process was and how helpful and knowledgeable the team is. The whole process is quick and effective, getting the horses and ponies up and running with their new owners as soon as possible is one of our strengths.

What’s your favourite thing about running an online auction? 

Getting to interact and share with so many different types of people in the equine industry. It’s also great to see horses go on to fulfil their owner’s wishes. We pride ourselves on honest adverts, so buyers know exactly what they are purchasing which has proved successful for us. 

Top tip for someone who hasn’t purchased through an auction before? 

Ring us! We’re always here to help and are just a phone call or message away. 

To find out more about EQUAH, please visit Equa Aauction or contact them directly. The next auction catalogue is now live with bidding taking place online between 26th-28th August. 

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