Fiery Equestrian Georgina Leigh Cantwell Enters the Big Brother House

Georgina Leigh Cantwell with horse Danny
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Fiery Equestrian Georgina Leigh Cantwell Enters the Big Brother House

Showjumper and polo player, Georgina Leigh Cantwell, enters the Big Brother House for 2016

Georgina Leigh Cantwell, a 26-year-old equestrian from Kent, last night entered the Big Brother House to compete for this year’s reduced prize fund of £100,000.

The singleton, originally from Kent, moved to New York where she graduated from the prestigious Parsons School of Design. Georgina returned home during December of last year, as she missed polo, showjumping and her life in the UK. An equestrian from an early age, Georgina has ridden all of her life. She was able to compete at five years of age, along with her family who also have a love for the sport.

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During her study at Regents College, Georgina was able to join the polo team. In her time as a player she competed at the ‘World Class’ Royal Berkshire Polo Club, where they achieved many successes.

Danny, Georgina’s horse, is now 14-years-old and is one of the main reasons why she chose to return to the UK. In total Georgina spent five years over in the states. On her website she states “I showjump regularly when in London with my horse Danny, he’s long been an inspiration for my art and design projects”

Georgina Leigh Cantwell's horse Danny
Georgina Leigh Cantwell’s horse, Danny

Everything Horse spoke with Danielle, Georgina’s cousin, who said “I wish her all the best of luck! I’m looking after her horse while she’s in the house. Everyone from the stables is rooting for her.

She went on to say:

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“We are very proud of her” and on how she thinks Georgina would spend the money, should she win “She would probably spoil her horses or dog jasper”

Along with riding, Georgina is an avid sports fan and enjoys skiing. Interestingly, she’s also a qualified rescue Diver, obtaining her open water diver qualifications at the tender age of 10.

No stranger to reality television, Georgina stared in the channel 4 series, Taking New York, a reality television show that followed the lives and loves of a group of twenty-something’s, as they tried to build their American Dream life in The Big Apple.

Georgina describes herself as a “brutally honest” and “fiery” person who hates un-pedicured toes, so we’re presuming her horse’s feet are quiet well trimmed!

To learn more on Georgina you can visit her website

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