Fancy Horseback Falconry in Southern England for 2023?

Horseback Falconry

Horseback Falconry in Southern England, an experience like no other!

Many people when talking about falconry from horseback will say they’d love to go to Mongolia to see horses and eagles being used together. But now, with the help of Cavago, the online web and app booking platform, you can see these magnificent birds flying at their best, from as close as Devon!

Dartmoor Hawking is the only facility in the UK where you can combine the two ancient arts of falconry and riding. ‘Falconry from Horses’ is great fun with lots of different experiences on offer. The ‘day trip’ option is for adventurers who want to try something a bit different. Starting with an introduction to birds of prey, the way the various hawks would have been flown, and discussion as to where and why horses would have come in, followed by handling lessons to make sure the hawks are carried correctly. The afternoon is then spent with hawks and horses as each guest learns to work the two together. 

Horseback Falconry available to book through Cavago

This is like no other experience on the planet, a previous client explains, “The most incredibly moving day – working with the raw power of these birds was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.” 


Those with a greater interest can get a much deeper insight into how it all works with an incredible five-day teaching course. Participants will learn how the hawks and the horses are trained, the basics of falconry, the equipment used, handling and much more. This life changing experience includes simulated hunting with eagles and falcons, making it possible to really feel how falconry in the field would be. This is the only course of its kind available in the world and is truly unforgettable.

Riders must be confident to ride independently in an open environment as Dartmoor Hawking use retrained racehorses for this experience. They take great pride in the fact that their horses are happy, not just tolerant, to work with the birds, bringing this ancient artform to the modern world. 

So, if you are looking for an incredible riding experience somewhere a little closer to home, then falconry from horseback in Dartmoor is the choice for you. You can plan and book this entire equestrian experience direct with the help of Cavago. 

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