Equine Bedding Supplier, easibed, Encourage Owners to Order Ahead

equine bedding manufacturer, easibed, warn of straw shortage. Image Ellen Whitaker
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Equine Bedding Supplier, easibed, Encourage Owners to Order Ahead

Equine bedding manufacturer, easibed, have reported an increase in sales this year due to the wet winter followed by a very dry spring/early summer. As a result of this, owners are being encouraged to “order in advance” so bedding companies can handle demand.

With fields struggling to recover from the unexpected seasonal extremes, owners more so than ever kept horses stabled due to lack of grass, high temperatures and hard ground this year.

easibed sales manager, Clair Hayward commented:

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“Normally we would expect to see demand for easibed drop over the summer months while horses are out in the fields, but this summer our sales just didn’t stop and in fact increased dramatically.

With straw shortages predicted over the winter as a result of a poor harvest, Claire continued:


“We know people are struggling to get hold of straw and other bedding products, so customers are looking for alternatives which they can trust and that will be available throughout the winter.

“Because easibed is a manufactured bedding it obviously doesn’t rely on the weather. Therefore we can increase production to meet demand.

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easibed equine bedding is a dust free wood fibre bedding manufactured from clean, white recycled wood.

Anticipating higher demand easibed are now advising owners to order stock sooner than in previous years so they are able to manage demand during the already busy winter months.

easibed is available from a number of retailers in the UK. A full list of stockists can be found at www.easibedding.co.uk

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Author: Suzanne Ashton Founder, Everything Horse email: sashton@everythinghorseuk.co.uk

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