Endurance GB expands Championship series with backing from new Sponsor

Endurance GB expands Championship series

Endurance GB expands Championship series with backing from new Sponsor

Endurance GB’s popular 2019 Championship series is to be expanded this year and sponsored by Rider Fitness & Conditioning Specialists, RiderCise®. The series, which includes the Southern and Northern Championships is this year joined by a third event, a new Welsh Championship to be held at Pen Ddol Y Gader, Carmarthenshire (31st Aug-1st Sept).

This year’s RiderCise Southern Championship takes place at Three Rivers on Saturday 15th June, while the RiderCise Northern Championships are being held at the Cumbria Challenge Ride on Sunday 15th August.

All three Championships are open to Advanced and Open horses and take place over contrasting landscapes, each comprising an 80k CER or GER with the winner being decided on performance formula.

The Three Rivers route covers a section of Wiltshire downland with stone tracks and bridleways as well as roadwork through picturesque villages along the Wyle Valley, while the Cumbria Challenge crosses gently undulating limestone moorland with around 20% being on tarmac over mostly unfenced roads. The RiderCise Welsh Championship will take riders over sections of forestry and then miles of open, grassland mountainside.


RiderCise founder Clare Gangadeen said:

I am delighted that RiderCise has become the title sponsor of Endurance GB’s Southern, Northern and Welsh Championship series.

The fundamental principle behind the Programmes’ is that there is a vast difference between being fit and fit to ride and for endurance riders who spend long hours in the saddle, understanding this difference is vital.

My mission is to help riders help their horses through a training system that will improve the rider’s ability to control their body and become stronger and more stable in the saddle.

The programmes are about helping a rider to be the best that they can be for their horse. Through this sponsorship and partnership with Endurance GB, I am keen to highlight the potential to improve rider fitness and to work with endurance riders at all levels to help develop their own fitness in a way that also assists their horse’s performance.”

Kerry Dawson, Endurance GB Marketing and Communications Director said:

We would like to thank Clare Gangadeen and RiderCise for their support which is not only welcomed in terms of the sponsorship itself but in Clare’s genuine interest in applying her knowledge and expertise to help endurance riders build fitness in the saddle.

The Southern and Northern Championships are traditionally very popular events and we feel sure that the addition of a third, Welsh Championship, will be well received by riders”.

The RiderCise Programmes have been designed specifically using Clare Gangadeen’s extensive knowledge of fitness, anatomy, biomechanics and riding experience. The programmes are suitable for riders of any level, to develop the movement patterns, strength, and mobility of the muscles used when riding. To find out more go to www.ridercise.co.uk.


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