Dr Sue Dyson Announces Retirement after 37 Years

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The Animal Health Trust (AHD) has announced that Head of Clinical Orthopaedics in the Centre for Equine Studies, Dr Sue Dyson, will leave her post at the end of May 2019. The news of Dr Dyson stepping down from full-time duties follows 37 years of employment with the trust.

Since 1982, Dr Dyson has been at the forefront of clinical investigation at the Animal Health Trust. She has headed research in the diagnosis and management of lameness and poor performance in the horse. Her work has been outstanding, providing an unrivaled commitment to promoting the health of horses over the past two, almost three decades.

Despite announcement to retire from full-time employment, Dr Dyson has shown she’s not ready to quite put the reins down yet as she will continue to act as a part-time independent clinical consultant and to be involved in education.

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Dr Sue Dyson observing a horse being lunged
Dr Sue Dyson observing a horse being lunged

Qualifying from the University of Cambridge in 1980, Dr Dyson was featured as one of only three in the Hall of Fame at the University of Kentucky, as a renowned expert in her field. In recent years (2018), along with the AHT, Dr Dyson championed a three-part series aimed at owners, trainers, riders and vets to recognise pain and lameness in horses.

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Dr Dyson thanked the Animal Health Trust for the enormous opportunity that the organisation has provided for her over the last 37 years and hopes that it continues to go from strength to strength.

Dr Mark Vaudin, CEO of the Animal Health Trust, thanks Dr Dyson for her long service and the important work which she has performed over many years and wishes her well in her future endeavours.

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