Dead horse left in field to decompose in Ashford now moved

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Dead horse left in field to decompose in Ashford now moved

A dead horse has been left in a field in Ashford, Kent for over a month now.

The body of the pony was visible for members of the public to see and was initially spotted during the beginning of December 2015. Initially other horses were believed to be grazing in the field where the young pony’s body was found.

The local council advised it was down to the land owner to remove the body, if they didn’t know who the owner was. There was no microchip found when scanned.

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The body was initially covered in tarpaulin but was then left in the field and was surrounded by water due to the torrential rain of late.

The RSPCA has seen a rise in the area of abandoned animals in Kent as of late.


The pony was finally moved by Boyd Roberts Casualty Livestock on Tuesday 12th January 2016, after they were instructed by Kent Trading Standards and the land owner to do so.

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