Cumbria Horse Trials Announce Closure

Cumbria Horse Trials announce farewell image of organisers with a horse and rider

The Cumbria Horse Trials, a significant fixture in the equestrian community, have announced that May’s Frenchfield event (2024) marked the final event organised by the Weymouth family.

After almost 20 years of holding affiliated BE fixtures in Cumbria, the Weymouth family took to their website and Facebook page (feature image) to make the news official, stating:

“Farewell. After nearly 20 years and 80 affiliated fixtures, Frenchfield in May was our last. We had a great weekend, the sun shone brightly, the views over the national park were special, and everyone was having a lot of fun. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed organising so many events at various Cumbrian venues over the many years and we will miss seeing you all so regularly, whether as volunteers, officials, stewards, supporters, exhibitors, competitors or as suppliers, simply because it wouldn’t have been possible without you. There are many risks in running horse trials, from the weather to viability, to incidents and accidents, and we’ve experienced and managed so many of them, and yet, without the commitment of so many other people none of it would have happened. We must, however, call time at some point and believe now is the right time to do so. Thank you to everyone for all your time and commitment over the last two decades. We feel sure the next generation will pick up the baton in due course to carry the sport forward.
With best wishes to you all, please keep in touch.
Douglas, Lucinda and family.”

The announcement follows last month’s devastating news on the loss of event rider Georgie Campbell, alongside a flurry of UK BE event cancellations due to economic restraints and weather conditions.

A Dispersal Catalogue, featuring a range of salvageable items from the Cumbria Horse Trials, has been made available for those interested in owning a piece of the event’s history.


The Penrith-based Trials were celebrated for their challenging courses and rigorous standards and for promoting the preservation of Cumbria’s natural beauty and rural heritage. The community’s support and the picturesque setting have made the Cumbria Horse Trials a beloved and enduring tradition in the equestrian calendar that will undoubtedly be missed by many.

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