Coruba Rubber Matting, Making Your Horse More Comfortable

Rubber matting from Coruba - EVA Linkable Stable Mats

Coruba Rubber Matting, Making Your Horse More Comfortable

Coruba rubber matting, high quality rubber matting

You’ll see it in livery yards and private stables across the country: a thick layer of rubber matting that is arranged over concrete floors. Increasingly popular among the horse owning fraternity, rubber matting is used to make our equine friends more comfortable, horse husbandry more economical, and stables cleaner.


Although almost all of us are intrigued by the concept, a lot of horse owners are unclear as to whether or not the advantages are worth the investment. We all want the best for our horses but we also want to know that a product has a tangible benefit before we splash the cash.

The high-quality rubber matting sold by Coruba comes with benefits a plenty. Let’s take a look at some of them:


The benefits of Coruba rubber matting

  • Designed to compress beneath the horse’s weight in order to provide a more comfortable surface to lie on
  • Insulates stables to provide added warmth during the winter months
  • A suitable standing surface for horses who are waiting temporarily; saving wasted new bedding just to keep your equine in for the farrier or vet
  • Saves time on cleaning
  • Allows you to use less bedding, saving you money
  • Easy to maintain
  • Non-slip
  • Improves odour
  • Creates less dust, reducing the risk of respiratory problems
  • Shock-absorbing, which is beneficial for your horse’s joints
  • Recyclable

Without doubt, these reasons alone make a convincing argument for investing, yet even if you decide to do so, this still raises additional questions… such as where should you purchase your rubber matting…? Coruba, of course!

Why Coruba rubber matting is the number one choice for horse owners

At Coruba, we understand that when you invest in rubber matting, the safety and comfort of your beloved equine is at stake; so, you need a top-quality product that you can trust. We provide exactly that.

As one of the country’s most reputable suppliers of equine safety matting, we offer an extensive range of products to suit your individual needs – including linkable lightweight options for ease of fit and moulded rubber with enhanced anti-slip properties.

Set on continually expanding our collection to make sure we always have what you’re looking for, our website is filled with handy information to help you make the right choice. Why not get in touch with us today to learn more about what’s on offer?


Amoebic Bark Moulded Rubber Stable Mats

Coru604 – £30.80 + VAT

Coruba rubber matting - Amoebic Bark Moulded Rubber Stable Mats
Coruba rubber matting – Amoebic Bark Moulded Rubber Stable Mats

EVA Linkable Stable Mats

Coru715 – £31.35 + VAT

Coruba rubber matting - EVA Linkable Stable Mats
Coruba rubber matting – EVA Linkable Stable Mats

Hammered Rubber Stable Mats

Coru602 – £30.80 + VAT

Coruba rubber matting - Hammered Rubber Stable Mats
Coruba rubber matting  – Hammered Rubber Stable Mats


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