Cheltenham Tickets: Score your day out at the 2023 Festival

cheltenham festival tickets

The Cheltenham Festival is now just under a week away and the anticipation among racing fans is pulpable. We’re hear to talk Cheltenham tickets. Many racegoers have had their tickets booked for months, but if you’re looking to get in on the action just before the off, are their tickets still available?

Cheltenham Tickets

So you want to get your hands on Cheltenham Festival tickets, with less than a week to go? Well, you’ll need to pay a little bit more than the standard price, that’s for sure.

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First things first, how much are Cheltenham Festival tickets in general?

Tickets for the Cheltenham Festival a first split into days. For example, you can buy a ticket for day one, day two, and so on. Tickets for each day are then separated into enclosure categories, which determine which part of the venue you have access to.


Best Mate Enclosure tickets are generally the cheapest. They typically start at £25.00. Then you have Tattersalls tickets, which generally start at £40 per day. To get into the Club Enclosure, which is a little more prestigous, will cost you around £75 per day, while Grandstand entry will cost upwards of £85.

However, for the fourth and final day of the festival tickets are more expensive. Ticket prices for each day are detailed below.

Here is a full breakdown of standard ticket prices for the first three days of the Cheltenham Festival:

EnclosureStarting PriceUp to
Best Mate Enclosure£25.00£33.00
Tattersalls Enclosure£40.00£65.00
Club Enclosure£75.00£100.00
Guiness Grandstand£85.00£115.00
Restaurant Packages£250.00£770.00

Here is a full breakdon of standard ticket prices for the fourth and final day of the 2023 Cheltenham Festival:

EnclosureStarting PriceUp to
Best Mate Enclosure£40.00£53.00
Tattersalls Enclosure£55.00£85.00
Club Enclosure£95.00£125.00
Guiness Grandstand£115.00£145.00
Restaurant Packages£335.00£715.00

How to get Cheltenham Festival Tickets

Time is running out to score tickets for the greatest show on turf, but if you are determined to be in attendance, then there are a few tickets still available. By visiting the Jockey Club, you can still purchase tickets, but there is naturally limited availablity.

The cheapest left available at this late stage for Day One will cost £60 per person, while there are also more expensive tickets available too.

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For Day Two, it is the same story, with the cheapest available tickets costing £60. Tatersalls and Grandstand tickets for the second day are currently on sale for £122 per person.

If you are looking to buy some last-minute Cheltenham Festival tickets and are planning to drive, please be aware that you will be required to purchase a car parking ticket beforehand. Parking tickets cost £20 per car, par day. So, let’s say you’ve got tickets to three of the four days, you will need to buy three parking tickets, costing £20 each, which will cost you a total of £60.

If you’re interested in attending Day Three, otherwise known as St Patrick’s Thursday, your cheapest option is again £60. For the fourth and final day of the 2023 Cheltenham Festival, Gold Cup Day, there are currently no tickets besides restaurant packages available. If you want one of those, you’ll nee rather deep pockets, as the cheapest available package for Gold Cup Day is Alberta’s Run Restaurant Hospitality Package will set you back £690.

For future reference if you want to but tickets in advance of the Cheltenham Festival, say for the 2024 renewal, you can do so by visiting the official website of the Jockey Club. Here you will be able to purchase a variety of Cheltenham tickets.

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