Campaign ‘Glow Means Slow’ Aims for Law Change


Campaign ‘Glow Means Slow’ Aims for Law Change


The ‘Glow Means Slow’ Campaign is the latest bid to encourage riders to remain safe, whilst calling for the law to change, to make wearing Hi-Viz compulsory for riders when using the road.

We got in touch with the founder of the campaign, Sarah Johnson, to find out more.

A variety of different people; ramblers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders all use the roads daily. It is becoming more and more apparent over recent years that many riders are not wearing High Visibility clothing, which in turn affects our safety on the roads.

The mortality rates of horses and riders have risen considerably, a large part of this increase is due to riders chosing not to wear High Visibility clothing. The repercussions of an injury or death in the family, including that of a horse, can be devastating. Country lanes can be very unforgiving especially as the majority of them have a speed limit set at 60mph, wearing a Hi-Viz can save lives by making you stand out and other road users can see you sooner, giving them more opportunity to reduce their speed accordingly.

About the campaign

The Glow Means Slow campaign was created in February this year. It started out as a Facebook page aimed at raising awareness of the importance of Hi-Viz clothing whilst out riding.

Harry Hall were one brand in particular that embraced the campaign as they too, have a campaign running ‘Serious About Safety’ and have spent a great amount of time visiting yards and assisting others in Hi-Viz use.  Wills Law for Horses have also agreed to come on board too.

Harry Hall-Serious About Safety
Harry Hall-Serious About Safety

The Highway Code does not state that wearing a Hi-Viz is necessary although it is advised, to reduce risks to, not only yourself and your horse but other road users also.


Different colours of Hi-Viz clothing stand out in different weather conditions, but also recent personal research has found that combining 2 colours, for example yellow and orange can make you stand out. Glow Means Slow are also looking into launching a clothing line to cater to the wider audience, the campaign has also inspired DKS Transport to provide all of their riders with a Hi-Viz garment, another objective here is to reach as many equine transport companies as possible in the hope that they too will follow suit.

The Campaign has been acknowledged by Downing Street and referred to the Department of Transport thanks to the efforts of photographer, Anthony King.

It is also a very real possibility that you may come off whilst hacking in the woods, wearing Hi-Viz would make it incredibly easier for the emergency services to locate you.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging all riders, young or old to wear visibile clothing. With a view to having a laws passed that wearing Hi-Viz whilst out riding is compulsory.

To keep up to date and follow the campaign’s progress, you can find Glow Means Slow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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