The much anticipated conclusion to the sale of a horse, with whom the nation hold in their hearts, was tonight decided in an auction room in Mallusk, Northern Ireland. After two hours of the auction starting, Uthopia was sold for £165,000 in an excruciating 15 minutes of a bid battle.

Taken into consideration in his selling price would be his age and his history of leg problems; however he is still a stallion fit for breeding, with one of the most esteemed and extensive list of career achievements.

Uthopia was lot 80 tonight, in an auction that saw a lot of online bids. Other items included in the sale live tweeted by the Wilsons auctions page, was a Mulberry handbag that sold for £500, Rolex watches going for £5,000-£28,000 with one particular Rolex watch even making an astonishing £150,000,certainly an investment as it was originally purchased new for £31,000.

Tonight the legions of fans that had campaigned against the separation of Carl and Uti will not know if they’re prayers have been answered until the mystery bidder who was present at the back of the auction room, is revealed.

Many fans despaired over the degrading setting of a horse who is a part of the London 2012 legacy, being sold alongside cigars and purses.

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