Badminton Horse Trials TV

Badminton Horse Trials cross-country course

Badminton Horse Trials TV

Badminton Horse Trials TV, or Badminton TV as it will be known, will launch this providing the 5* eventing fixture with its own Livestream service.

An accessible package will be available to cover all three disciplines, dressage, cross country and showjumping, as and when they happen, ensuring viewers don’t miss a hoofbeat, wherever they are in the world. A part of the new package, subscribers will also be treated to a cross country preview, videos, year’s gone by highlights and videos.

This new service will be produced by the same team that delivers Badminton’s BBC coverage (via the event website as in previous years) and will be available for purchase via the Badminton TV page of the website from the 6th January for a discounted annual fee of £14.99; if purchased from 1st April onwards the cost will be £19.99.

British viewers will be able to watch all days live, including the showjumping until the final 10, at which time they will be advised to join the BBC who will be broadcasting their usual Sunday 2 hour highlights programme culminating with live coverage of the top ten show jumping to see who will be crowned the 2022 Badminton winner.  Those viewing from overseas will view the competition via Badminton TV throughout. And, even if you are unable to watch it live, you won’t miss out, as it will be available to view on demand post-event.

We know how much our loyal followers all over the world enjoy following every single aspect of the competition, whether spectating on event or at home, so we hope Badminton TV will be a great addition to everyone’s enjoyment,”

said Event Director Jane Tuckwell.

We are excited about this new venture, bought to you by the Badminton TV production team who have provided the BBC coverage for many years and are looking forward to entertaining a worldwide audience with the highest standards of production.”

Timetable of the 2022 Badminton Horse Trials event

Thursday, May 5th: CCI5* Dressage
Friday, May 6th: CCI5* Dressage
Saturday, May 7th: CCI5* Cross-Country
Sunday, May 8th: CCI5* Show Jumping Finale and Prize giving

For more information on the Badminton TV package available to you, visit

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