Agria Equine Insurers announce sponsorship of Natasha Baker OBE

Natasha BAKER (GBR) and Keystone Dawn Chorus- Grade III - Individual - Para Dressage - FEI World Championships Herning 2022 - MCH Arena, Herning, Denmark - 11 August 2022

Agria, a specialist UK Equine insurance company, has announced its sponsorship of multiple Paralympic, World and European medallist Natasha Baker OBE.

Agria’s lifetime horse insurance allows horse owners the reassurance that vet bills can be covered year after year for recurring injuries or repetitive or chronic conditions, ensuring their horses’ lifelong welfare. A Lifetime policy, with up to £10,000 of vet fees cover every year, means that owners will no longer face the difficult decision of whether to “call the vet or wait and see”.

Agria Lifetime Equine is all about supporting horses and riders whether they are fulfilling the ambitions of a lifetime or simply providing fun and relaxation each week — two sides of equestrian life Natasha completely understands as an international rider, based from her family’s yard,”

We know our innovative insurance, allowing vet bills to be covered year after year, is a game-changer. So, we’re delighted that a Games champion like Natasha is joining our team. We look forward to supporting her through exciting times as she prepares to combine parenthood with many more equestrian successes.”

says Vicki Wentworth, Managing Director of Agria UK, herself a keen event rider.

In a sport, and past time, that’s filled with ups and downs, it’s imperative horse owners, competitors and riders feel their horse is adequately protected should the worst happen. With a plentitude of equine insurers available on the market, it’s difficult to know which one to choose for the best. Standing out from the crowd, Agria’s Lifetime insurance offers extended protection which many insurances fail to provide.


Paralympian, Natasha said:

As a Paralympian I understand better than most how crucial it is to find and produce a horse with the attributes to be my perfect partner,

Agria’s Lifetime Equine insurance really caught my attention therefore as a better way to protect that partnership, supporting horses for life and helping ensure they get all the care they need. I am thrilled to be joining Agria’s stable, and to be insuring my horses with them.

Agria is also known for top class customer service, very fast claims processing, and its commitment to animal welfare.”

To find out more, please visit the Agriapet website.

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