Abdulrahman Alrajhi Rides Ventago to Victory on Opening Day of LGCT Doha

Abdulrahman Alrajhi & Ventago Longines Global Champions Tour 2024 Doha, day 1

The Longines Global Champions Tour of Doha commenced in spectacular fashion at the renowned Longines Arena at Al Shaqab. Crowds were treated to a thrilling display of equestrian prowess as 32 of the world’s finest horse-and-rider combinations competed in the CSI5* 1.45m speed class, setting the stage for an unforgettable start to the 2024 season.

In a riveting showdown between two of Saudi Arabia’s top show jumping talents, Abdulrahman Alrajhi and Abdullah Alsharbatly, it was Alrajhi astride the impressive Ventago who emerged victorious. Alrajhi’s electrifying performance ignited the competitive spirit that promises to unfold over the weekend, clinching the top spot by a mere 0.20 seconds.

Reflecting on his win, Alrajhi shared his excitement, stating, “It is always special to win a Global Champions Tour class, and even more so in Doha, especially in front of this incredible crowd at Al Shaqab. Ventago was exceptional today, making the victory seem effortless. He truly shone in the arena, and I am grateful to have him as my partner.”

As anticipation builds for the upcoming Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Doha, Alrajhi expressed his satisfaction with the preparation provided by this victory.


The event saw international talent shine, with Olivier Perreau of France securing the third spot aboard Bresil de Carnaval Santa Rosa, setting the stage for a week of high-caliber competition. With 15 clear rounds thrilling spectators, the competition proved to be exhilarating from start to finish.

As the day concluded, attention turned to the eagerly anticipated GCL Championship race, promising yet another adrenaline-fueled spectacle. With top-tier team show jumping on the agenda, the stage is set for a display of talent, teamwork, and triumph in the days to come.

As the sun set on the first day of competition, the excitement continued to mount among spectators and participants alike. Al Shaqab’s Longines Arena, with its world-class facilities and electric atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for the unfolding drama.

Abdulrahman Alrajhi’s victory aboard Ventago marked not only a personal triumph but also a testament to the exceptional horsemanship on display at the Longines Global Champions Tour of Doha. Alrajhi’s partnership with Ventago exemplified the bond between horse and rider, showcasing the precision, skill, and trust required to excel in the sport of show jumping.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the competition, riders and fans alike are eager to witness the continuation of thrilling performances and fierce competition. With the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Doha looming on the horizon, the stakes are higher than ever, promising an exhilarating climax to an already action-packed event.

As the world’s top riders prepare to go head-to-head in pursuit of victory, the Longines Global Champions Tour of Doha stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and excitement of equestrian sport. From the heart-stopping jumps to the breathtaking displays of athleticism, the event captures the imagination and captivates audiences around the globe.

In the days to come, the Longines Global Champions Tour of Doha will continue to showcase the very best of show jumping, providing a platform for excellence, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. As riders push themselves and their horses to the limit, they embody the spirit of competition and the pursuit of greatness that defines equestrian sport.

With each jump, each stride, and each victory, the Longines Global Champions Tour of Doha reaffirms its status as a premier event on the equestrian calendar. As the world watches on, the stage is set for a week of unforgettable moments, as riders and horses alike strive for glory in the arena.

The Top Ten Uncovered 

1st Place – Abdulrahman Alrajhi & Ventago

2nd Place – Abdullah Alsharbatly & Dancing Wolf O.L

3rd Place – Olivier Perreau & Bresil de Carnaval Santa Rosa

4th Place – Mouda Zeyada & Katia 

5th Place – Ines Joly & Faylinn de Fondcombe

6th Place – Eduardo Alvarez Aznar & D’orient Batilly

7th Place – Antoine Ermann & Odin van’t Hanegoor

8th Place – John Whitaker & Arqana de Rieverland 

9th Place – Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann & Cesmu KJ

10th Place – Malin Baryard-Johnsson & Diamantino 16

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