7 Myths About Horse Owners

Myths about Horse Owners

7 Myths About Horse Owners

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Who’d be a horse owner hey?! Here’s 7 top myths,and realities, about modern day horse owners….

  1. Every horse owner is rich/loaded/mega loaded/has loads of money

    Wrong! We are all ‘skint’ as we spend all of our hard earned cash on our horses

  2. Horse owners are stuck up/snooty

    Wrong! – Someone help me up on my steed, said no horse owner ever! More like I wish this horse would stand still while I tear my new £19.99 jods trying to get on ….

  3. Riding a horse is easy

    Wrong! You think you can ride until you leave the four walls of the riding school and purchase (as don’t forget we are all ‘loaded’) your first horse. That’s when the real fun starts as you hack out for the first time and realise you’ve actually purchased a ticking time bomb and not a riding school pony – just saying! We don’t just sit there….we hang on!

  4. Horse owners are all nuts! 

    Fair point….we can’t argue with that one, next!

  5. We love our horses more than our partners

    It all depends on how nice you are to us, and whether you buy our horses lots of nice things…

  6. We think we own the roads

    Wrong! we don’t, we only ask for other road users to be as respectful towards us as we are towards them. If you pass wide and slow, we will say thank you….if you don’t, well lets not go into detail

  7. We know it all when it comes to betting on horse racing

    Wrong! our guess can only be as well educated as other non horsey folk. The racing industry is completely separate to the discipline world (i.e showjumping, dressage, eventing, polo), so it all depends on what your specialty is, and with such a large diverse industry, racing only makes up a small percentage of horse owners

Feel free to leave other myths and your thoughts on them below, in our comments box.

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