6 Ways to Identify a Potential Frontrunner in Horse Racing

identifying a front runner in horse racing

Watching horse racing and placing bets can be fun and gratifying, especially when you see the horse you’re betting on speeding ahead of the rest. It’s exhilarating to watch the horse dash through the track and across the finish line. 

These horses are called frontrunners. They are called such because they carry the significant possibility of winning the race. If you want to profit from your bets, you must stop relying on the sportsbooks and start identifying the qualities that make a thoroughbred the frontrunner yourself. Here are some things to watch for:

Quality Training

Identify and bet on horse with quality training. A thoroughbred with outstanding training and good fitness may be well-positioned to become a favourite in any race. In identifying frontrunners, see that the horse is handled by professional trainers and skilled jockeys who understand the essential components of practical racehorse training, such as diet, exercise, rest times, and grooming.

Grooming is vital, too. It may seem a surprise, but shaving, brushing, and trimming can provide horses with an aerodynamic edge in an actual race.


Conditioning is another essential factor to consider. Regular conditioning ensures your horse’s muscles are well-toned and ready to compete on the track.

Good conditioning increases oxygen intake, improves flexibility, and helps prevent injury before, during, or after the race.

With proper conditioning, a horse can reach its peak performance on race day, giving it an edge to becoming a betting frontrunner. As mentioned, it also helps to keep your horse injury-free, allowing it to run in succeeding races the cold would participate in. 


Nutrition is crucial if you want your horse to be a betting favourite. A nutritious, well-balanced feed high in water is necessary to keep your horse healthy, strong, and competitive on the track. Before participating in any race, try to see if the horse’s team is paying attention to the horse’s diet.

Caretakers must provide various fresh fruits and vegetables along with premium hay. Horses can also eat grains and legumes and mix them with vitamins and minerals. After each race, the team should introduce electrolytes and antioxidant supplements to ensure the thoroughbred is well-hydrated and stays in top condition.

If the diet of the horse you plan to bet on hits the checklist above, they’d have a good chance of becoming a frontrunner.


Putting together a group of committed professionals—trainers, jockeys, and owners—committed to helping the horse perform at its best is crucial because a betting frontrunner should develop a strong relationship with the entire team. 

A coordinated team may develop tactics, training tracks, and training plans to help the horse win the race. Based on the data gathered during training, they may readjust their strategy to play with the horse’s strengths and advantages.

Rest and Recovery

Between races, even the fittest racehorses need time to rest and recover. Giving their horse plenty of downtime throughout the training is crucial to recuperate and prepare for the next race. Monitoring a horse’s health and modifying the training plan as necessary is also beneficial.

To avoid overtraining, every horse should also have a respite from activity. It will ensure the horse stays healthy and gives their best effort on race day. Additionally, it will support the horse’s continued mental and physical fitness for upcoming competitions.

Try to check if the handlers ensure that since some might be pushing the thoroughbreds harder than needed.  

Mental Preparation 

Frontrunning horses should receive adequate time to be mentally prepared and focused on the task ahead, as this helps them perform at their best on race day. The colt’s team should introduce the racehorse to different track environments and simulate race conditions to help the horse become more confident and adaptive.

JJockeys usually talk with their horse and provide positive reinforcement through verbal cues and rewards. The horse must feel confident and secure in its abilities before competing, which will help boost performance. Additionally, they practice visualization techniques with their horse to help them get into the right mindset for racing.


Knowing your favourite’s bloodline and parents can help see the horse’s potential. For example, if the horse you are betting on was sired by a stud with multiple stakes to his name, then that means the colt might have the potential to be a frontrunner.

You can look up the horse’s pedigree online. Doing thorough research on its lineage would help you determine how likely he’ll win the race. 

Final Thoughts

Although horse racing has no guarantees, you can increase your chances of winning by researching the horse you’re betting on.

Sportsbooks are an excellent reference to see who the favourites are, but it would also help if you could take a closer look at how the trainers and jockeys handle their colts. Doing so could help you find an angle other bettors might’ve overlooked.  

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