5 Top Showing Tips with Jayne Ross

Top showing tips with Jayne Ross

5 Top Showing Tips with Jayne Ross

Here Black Country Saddles show rider and producer, Jayne Ross, provides us with some great showing tips for the show ring.

Jayne Ross Showing Tips

The bigger the show means a bigger arena, therefore your horse will need to be fitter” says Jayne. Horses and ponies will need to cope with the working for longer periods over different ground, also make sure you’re fit enough for it too!

Chances are, you won’t know until you get there who’ll be riding your horse. If this is the case always go prepared “With the major shows remember to anticipate what the judge will require when riding by ensuring you have long enough stirrup leathers, big stirrup irons and ensure that your saddle fits correctly with extra padding for a taller and heavier judge” says Jayne

Make sure your horse is comfortable with standing around for longer periods of time and is happy enough to let other riders on board.


Thinking of every last part of the showing class in detail will help in the long run, think about writing down each element first. Try to keep you horse calm and warm up sufficiently for what will be required in the ring, Jayne adds “Looking pretty is what some riders will be concentrating on. In hunter classes when riding in the ring you should focus on setting your horse up for when the judge comes to ride him. If you are riding a riding horse or hunter, a gallop will be required. The gallop isn’t to show the horse can win a race; it is there to simply show that the horse can go from A to B and can keep up with everyone else”

Jayne’s final tip across all levels would be to do less when in the arena, but do it well, rather than seeing attempts at more not being executed properly.

Above all enjoy yourself and take in the experience. It will help your confidence for when you next get out there.


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