5 Reasons Your Horse Needs A Horse Rug for New Horse Owners

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5 Reasons Your Horse Needs A Horse Rug for New Horse Owners

As a responsible horse owner and handler, you will make it a point that your horses stay healthy and are comfortable. From providing food to shelter and overall living space, horses need a lot of extra care as compared to other common domestic pets. 

While some people might think making an animal wear clothes seem a little odd, considering they already have fur and thicker skin, clothing them can go a long way. For instance, a horse rug. The primary purpose of a good-quality horse rug is to offer your equine companion protection and keep them comfortable as the weather changes.

If, like many new horse owners, you’re not too sure if and when your horse needs a rug, continue reading this article to learn more.

  • Your Horse Is Too Old Or Too Young

Unlike humans, animals like horses have better control of their body temperature. However, much like humans, they struggle to regulate that as they age. When the weather’s temperature drops, your young and old horses may be at a higher risk of suffering from hypothermia. 


Even when kept indoors, your horse might not be able to regulate its temperature normally. For this reason, you should consider getting your horse a durable rug to keep them warm. Turnout rugs are great for horses that stay outside most of the time, even during winter.

You don’t need to fret when looking for a rug as there are a variety of horse rugs online and available for purchase. Before buying one, always consider your horse’s age, weight and grazing, and living conditions.

  • Your Horse Needs To Stay Clean

Cleaning an animal is a difficult task for anyone, especially for owners of large animals like horses. A decent horse rug can keep mud and dirt at bay for extended periods. Dirt irritates horses and makes them itchy. Pick thinner rugs over thick ones if you only want your horse to stay clean.

You may also consider covering your horse with a rug after a bath during colder months. A thick and durable rug can keep them warm in between cleaning schedules. Having a rug on your show horses can also help maintain the quality of their coat before being presented.

  • Your Horse Is Too Ill Or Was Clipped

Sick horses need a good rug to help regain their strength. This is especially true for underweight horses who tend to get cold easily as the nippy months roll in. Let them wear a rug thick enough to help them gain back their weight. Although, it’d be good to note that it’s important to watch out for changes in your horse to see if the rug makes them feel better or worse.


Clipped horses have their natural insulation gone and will also require a rug to keep them warm when it’s cold. Though they can regulate their body heat, short hair or lack of hair may cause sudden body temperature drops, leading to a risk of sickness.

Horse rugs are also one way to maintain their health while they’re still young and healthy. Aside from getting a high-quality rug, it is also ideal to check out precautions and preventive measures against horse illnesses.

  • Your Horse Stays Outside During Summer

Summer months typically bring both heat and flies that may irritate your equine companions. Having a rug on can help them relax as they graze outside since it can keep insects from landing on their bodies. Choose lightweight mesh rugs to give your horses freer movement and let the air circulate.  

A horse that has exercised can also benefit from a UV or cooler rug. If their muscles cool down rapidly after a run, your horse might sweat and get cold quicker. A lightweight and breathable stable rug can help bring down their temperature slowly and may prevent excess perspiration.

Sometimes you’ll also have rain showers in the summer, which may bother some horses who don’t enjoy getting wet. Have a waterproof rug handy for these times of the year when the weather becomes unpredictable to protect your equine friends from the elements.

  • Your Horse Relocated From Warm To Cold Climates

It’s hard for anyone to suddenly adjust from a cool temperature to a warm one and vice versa. The same goes for horses. When transferred from a place where the sun constantly shines to somewhere cloudy and rainy for most of the year, your horse will need time to adapt. 

A thick rug can help your horse get used to a cooler climate while keeping them warm enough to stay comfortable in their new home. Besides choosing the right rug for the situation, you also have to be careful with how you care for your horses once winter arrives. You might be making some common care mistakes that can leave your horses uncomfortable all season.


In Conclusion

Every horse has individual needs, and as their handler, it’s your responsibility to ensure these needs are met. If you know your horses well, you’ll know what accessories comfort them and what they can do without.

Investing in premium rugs for your horses can make their quality of life much better. It can also make them grow into finer companions who’ll enjoy working with you no matter the season.



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