Christmas Advent Calendars For Horses

Advent calendars for horses

Christmas Advent Calendars For Horses

Discover Christmas advent calendars for horses. Begin the countdown to Christmas and get the yard in the festive spirit with these top horse Christmas advent calendars, full to the brim with tasty treats!

Advent Calendars For Horses




Likit Mini Stud Muffin Advent Calendar

Want your horse to experience the joy of Christmas, just as much as you do?! Then why not add a little bit extra festivity into their life with a Christmas pudding flavour treat for every day in December! The Likit Mini Stud Muffin Advent Calendar, has 24 Christmas pudding flavour mini stud muffins, providing the perfect sweet treat to begin your horse's day!

With human food grade ingredients, consisting of a mixture of Oats, Barley, Wheat, Molasses, Linseed and Fenugreek, this calendar is packed with as much nutrition as it is with joy for your horse!


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Hatchwells Horse Advent Calendar

Hatchwell's Horse Advent Calendar is perfect if you have more than one equine friend you would like to treat in the run up to the big day. In the true Christmas spirit, each of the 24 delicious carob and peppermint flavoured treats can be easily broken into four smaller treats to share amongst friends.

Hatchwell's also have advent calendars suitable for dogs and cats, so the entire yard can join in!


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Lincoln Herb Stix Horse Advent Calendar

Provide a yummy and healthy countdown to Christmas, with the Herb Stix Advent Calendar from Lincoln.

The 24 windows each contain two of the horse-owner favourite, Herb Stix treats, which are packed with flavour and nutrition from 7 different herbs! Containing Chamomile, Sage, Hazelnut Leaves, Nettle, Coriander, Marjoram and Garden Savoury, these treats will go down a storm and are great for the health-conscious horse owner!


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