14 Best Equestrian Colleges in Europe

14 best equestrian college

Having difficulties finding the best equestrian college is quite common, especially when there are so many excellent centres to choose from. If some people have a negative experience during an open day, for example, they may be discouraged. Research will no doubt help you find the best equestrian college in Europe. Keep reading to learn more about our top choices.

What is an equestrian college?

If you called an equestrian college a riding school, that would be very limiting. You should call them institutions that offer equestrian programs. These colleges offer courses that help people achieve professional qualifications and promote better riding techniques. The courses, however, vary according to the college and facilities on offer.

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The best equestrian colleges in Europe

You are reading the perfect article if you are actively looking for an equestrian college. You can also take a peek at this post on Twitch. This interactive live-stream service is not only for entertainment but can be very useful during your studies. Today, equestrian colleges offer excellent facilities and training in horse riding. Discover the best equestrian institutions in Europe below.

  • Van Hall Larenstein in Velp, The Netherlands

Van Hall Larenstein, a university in Applied Sciences, prepares students to build their own world. They learn how to make changes on issues that really matter. They study various subjects, such as:

  1. food security
  2. climate change 
  3. the circular economy
  4. animal welfare
  5. bachelor’s and master’s programs in Equestrian
  • University Centre Reaseheath (college) in Nantwich, UK

Located in rural Cheshire, the campus boasts first-rate, industry-standard teaching space while supporting a friendly, supportive atmosphere. This is a combination that guarantees both academic excellence and student satisfaction. Their Equine Science course is excellent.

  • The stables of Berlin Kladow (Reitanlage Berlin-Kladow) in Berlin, Germany

This facility is found in the picturesque and rural Berlin neighborhood of Kladow. The institution provides services such as dressage lessons, pony rides, showjumping classes, professional training for horses and riders, and boarding.

14 best equestrian colleges
  • The IFCE (Institut Français du Cheval et de l’Équitation) in Saumur, France

Cadre Noir de Saumur offers multilingual courses leading to the BPJEPS, DEJEPS, or DESJEPS state diplomas. ESCE (Ecole Supérieure du Cheval et de l’Équitation) is renowned for the excellence of its teaching, delivered and supervised by Cadre Noir teacher-écuyers.

  • The Spanish Riding School of Vienna in Vienna, Austria

It is the only institution in the world that preserves and cultivates, without transforming it, the classic equestrian art of the Haute-Ecole, from the Renaissance to the present day. Years of training finally weld horse and rider together, forming an inseparable unit. The precise movements of the Lipizzaners are in harmony with the music, creating an unforgettable moment for the spectator.

  • The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

In Spanish, it means Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre. The school was founded in May 1973 by Don Alvaro Domecq Romero. King Juan Carlos accepted the honorary presidency in 1987, conferring on it the title of Royal. Typically Andalusian in architecture, it features a 1,600-lace riding arena and stables for 60 horses.

  • Institut de Genech in Genech, France

Horse-riding is a baccalaureate option for general and technological high school students in France. Whether a young person is studying for a vocational baccalaureate or a vocational training certificate, the training courses include theory, internships, practical work, and on-call duty. Practical work enables enthusiasts to learn about professional gestures and the realities of the field. These include professions linked to the living world, animals, and all types of weather. Boarders can enjoy the sport as a leisure activity.

  • Falkenberg Stables in Berlin, Germany

In the suburbs of Berlin, Falkenberg Stables is easily accessible by vehicle and public transportation. With 30 km of bridleways nearby, they provide pony rides for children older than two years old as well as horse riding lesson programs for adults and children.

  • UCPA in Paris, France

If you have always dreamed of learning to ride, you are welcome at UCPA. No matter what level you are at or what expectations you have, the school will find the right horse for you. UCPA accepts riders from beginner to top-level competition and trains them to become riding instructors.

  • KSK Provans in Moscow, Russia

Even if you have never ridden a horse, the school will teach you everything you need to know. The rider’s experience, weight, and age are taken into consideration when a horse is chosen. The lessons are either taught in groups or individually.

  • Portuguese School of Equestrian Art (EPAE) in Belém, Portugal 

The school succeeded after the Picaria Real. It was the former equestrian academy of the Portuguese royal court. The institution died out in the 19th century. Nevertheless, the tradition of equestrian bullfighting, with the same type of mount since the 18th century, the same saddlery, and the same costumes, has endured over the centuries and today constitutes an equestrian heritage unique in the world. The horses are Lusitanian thoroughbreds bred at the Haras d’Alter do Chão, founded in 1748 by King Dom João V.

  • Oignies riding center in Namur, Belgium

Located in the heart of the Ardennes forest, on the French-Belgian border, the Oignies riding center awaits you in its verdant setting. It offers a complete program of lessons centered on learning to respect the animal, to pay attention, and to think.

  • Lübars Stables in Berlin, Germany

This riding school is child-friendly and offers training opportunities for both horses and riders. It has outdoor courts, an indoor arena, a galloping course, a covered horse exerciser, a jumping area, and various riding possibilities. The school is for beginners and advanced riders and offers dressage and jumping training by experienced trainers.

  • Hartpury University in Gloucester, UK

The gross output of the British horse industry is worth approximately £4 billion a year, attracting at least 4.3 million passengers. So, the college employs more than 250,000 people, directly or indirectly, to teach first-class equine skills to students.

Conclusion: the best European equestrian colleges

Long ago, horse riding was considered a means of transport, and now there are equestrian studies as it has become a highly reputable sport. Indeed, there is more and more demand for degrees in equine programs. However, you must carefully choose the best school to excel in this discipline.


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