10 Top ‘Things’ to Expect When Taking on a Horse

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10 Top ‘Things’ to Expect When Taking on a Horse

Call us mad, call us crazy, call us what you want, we don’t care! Want to join our club?? take a look at these top tips…

  1. Prepare to be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer
  2. Put the sandals and flip flops away this summer and replace with a pair of wellies, you’ll be needing them
  3. STOP thinking about that mid year holiday, it’s not going to happen
  4. Best stick with your old motor as a new one would get absolutely ‘trashed’ riding down the yard pathway twice a day ….. every day!
  5. The feed store is your new ASDA, don’t expect much  change from £50 each visit
  6. Unless your partner is horsey, you’ve had it; best to split with them now as you no longer have time to ‘date’ or spend time with your other half
  7. You will no longer be clean! From now on mud, broken nails and straw are to be expected daily
  8. Your going to be late for work from now on, period (best warn the boss)
  9. On that note, expect to be out the house for a good 12 hours a day as your new daily routine means lots of stable yard time!!
  10. Prepare for daily battle with you 450 – 550kg warrior you call your horse

Still want to join our club, we bet you do 🙂 Enjoy! We love it really