Nicolle Begovic Joins Ariat’s Brand Ambassador Team

Nicolle Begovic

Nicolle Begovic Joins Ariat’s Brand Ambassador Team

Nicolle Begovic, Dressage enthusiast joins Ariat’s brand ambassador team for 2016!

Ariat are well known in the industry for supporting riders across the levels – from up and coming young stars to established international riders. Now, they are very pleased to welcome dressage rider Nicolle Begovic to their team of brand ambassadors.

Nicolle Begovic has ridden all of her life and started her career in Western – having lived in Eastern Tennessee. At the age of 12 she developed ‘the bug’ for dressage during a training session with International Grand Prix rider Tina Layton.Since moving to the UK, Nicolle is trained and mentored by Richard Davison, and is now based in Surrey with Fiona Bigwood. In just a short time she has already gained a string of accolades to her name – including numerous top ten placings at national and international level and representing Great Britain in 2015, after only three years of training at affiliated level, at Roosendaal Holland.

Nicolle Begovic
Nicolle Begovic

“I am delighted and honoured to join the Ariat team, the leading supplier of Equestrian competition and lifestyle apparel that blends performance with fashion,” Nicolle says. “A sponsorship of this caliber will support the continuation of my rapid progression to the very top of Dressage. I look forward to representing Ariat both in and out of the competition arena, where Ariat’s products will help me to look and feel at my very best.”

Marketing Manager, Melanie Selman is looking forward to the new partnership. “Our range of footwear and apparel is constantly evolving and with some truly beautiful and elegant styles available I am excited to see them on the national and international dressage circuit with Nicolle,” she says. “Nicolle is truly passionate about horses and we believe she will be the perfect ambassador for the brand.”

Living An Equestrian Lifestyle

If you’re inspired by Nicolle Begovic, you have to kickstart embracing your equestrian lifestyle. A part of becoming an equestrian is learning to maintain your horse and all of its equipment. You’ll need to show people how well your horse is taken care of and how you keep it healthy.

This involves learning a lot of different skills that’ll help become a good rider. Also, you need to have your horse checked every few months to make sure that they’re in good health. If they start showing signs of illness, you need to take them to the vet.

Equestrian Apparel Buying Tips

When learning how to choose equestrian apparel, it’s a good idea to follow a few simple steps. These steps can help you get started and will also ensure that you find a piece of clothing that you enjoy.

  • Consider The Type Of Riding: Choose equestrian apparel according to the type of riding you’ll be doing. For instance, Ariat boots at Trailrace do well with different equestrian clothing of your choice and riding style because of the quality and a wide array of designs and colours to choose from.Many people like to use their clothing to make themselves look and feel more attractive on the horse. This means that you may want to choose outfits that are comfortable to wear.
  • Source High-Quality Equestrian Apparel: When it comes to excellent quality apparel, Ariat is one of the most sought brands. By investing in high-quality equestrian apparel, you’ll have peace of mind wearing comfortable clothing, allowing you to have a safe ride.
  • Choose A Breathable Fabric: Make sure that the fabric that you’re purchasing is breathable. This will allow your skin to breathe as you wear it. Also, make sure that you make sure that the collar is not too tight.

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