Gifts for Horses this Christmas

10 gifts for horses this christmas

Gifts for Horses this Christmas

Discover the best gifts for horses this Christmas with our gifting guide. We’ve narrowed it down to products we know our own horses love, with practicality and budget in mind.

Gifts for Horses

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Revive’n’Shine – Equinutritive

£23.99 from Equinutritive >> Shop now

Revive ’n’ Shine is a 100% natural herbal blend formulated to soothe and comfort itching skinRevive ’n’ Shine can be fed all year to promote a glossy coat with richer colours, clearer dappling and a thicker mane.  


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Likit Starter Pack

£22.10, Amazon >> Shop now

Get everything your horse needs to start his, or her, Likit journey. Pack includes  x1 Likit holder, 1 x 100g mint and eucalyptus ‘snaks’, 1 x 100g apple and cinnamon ‘snaks‘ and an apple, carrot and cherry Likit.

Please note, contents differ dependant on pack choice.


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KONG Equine

£104.99, direct4pet >> Shop now

A robust stable toy, from KONG for the horse. Pack comes complete with hanging rope and clip. Squeeze carrots, apples etc into the sides and watch while your horse has as much fun as your dog did with theirs!

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Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots

£171.95, Chelford Farm Supplies >> Shop now

Keep your horse’s legs in tip top condition with a pair of Horseware Ice-Vibe Boots. Cooling therapy has long been utilised for both preventing and treating leg injuries in horses, and Horseware revolutionary technology combines this with massaging circulation therapy. Ice-Vibe Boots can be used to prepare for exercise, treat injury and repair everyday wear and tear.

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Horsey Treats – Equinutritive

£9.99 from Equinutritive >> Shop now

Tasty, chewy morsels of salty, dutch liquorice which are loved by horses and make the perfect treat!

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Equilibrium Products Massage Mitt Hotspot

£128.50 Equilibrium Products >> Shop now

Designed to help relax and sooth your horse’s muscles with heat and massage options. Battery operated with 3 different massage strengths.

  • Choose from heat and two types of massage.
  • Three different massage strengths allows you to tailor the massage.
  • Reach any muscle with the lightweight, portable design.
  • Quick and effective ten-minute programmes.
  • Battery operated with international charger.
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Stud Muffins

£11.49 45 pack, Amazon >> Shop now

There is not a horse we know that doesn’t love a Stud Muffin, or three! These large-sized hand-made soft, chewable treats smell as delicious as they taste (so we believe). Each muffin contains oats, barley, wheat, molasses, linseed, and fenugreek. Re-sealable pack to maintain freshness.

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Animalon Basic Set of Grooming Brushes

£69.95 Amazon >> Shop now

Treat your horse this Christmas to a brand new grooming kit as there’s no better time to go ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Pack includes all the necessary items; two types of body brush, face brush, hoof pick, tail brush and curry comb.

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Pure Treats

£9.45, Amazon>> Shop now

Sugar free, healthy treats from the pure Feed Company. Suitable for horses and ponies that suffer from laminitis, gastric ulcers and Cushing’s disease.

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Lincoln Equestrian Christmas Stocking Treats

£7.19 Amazon >> Shop now

£4.30 VioVet >> Shop now

Perfect for any horse or pony this Christmas. Stocking contains 3x 150g bags of flavoured treats.

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Horse Treat Ball

£12.49 Amazon >> Shop now

Great for a busy horse that gets bored of standing in the stable for long periods of time. Fill with treats of choice and watch as your horse gets to grips with how it works! Available in various colours. Made in the UK.


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Shires Carrot Ball

£26.85 Amazon >> Shop now

Boredom and stress busting, the carrot ball is an excellent addition to any stable, barn or paddock. Can be used on the floor or hung up. Easily slide carrots into place, or use apples and other items your horse can eat.


Items featured in the product section of the website contain affiliate links where we may earn a commission should you choose to buy.  With this in mind, we aim to publish relevant and accurate information that may help you in the decision process.

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