Willberry Wonder Pony Fund First Research Programme

Willberry Wonder Pony Fund First Research Programme


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Willberry Wonder Pony Fund First Research Programme

Willberry Wonder Pony has announced it is funding its first ever research programme into a rare type of bone cancer.

The Willberry Wonder Pony Charity was founded by Hannah Francis, an 18-year-old eventer. Suffering, and eventually passing away two years ago from oestarcoma, she saw support from multiple high profile riders which continues today.

The charity has awarded a £230,000 grant to the University of Sheffield’s department of oncology and metabolism, for research into oestarcoma. The grant will be used to identify drugs, which can either be used with or without chemotherapy, to combat the disease.

Willberry Wonder Pony announced Allie Gartland, a professor of bone and cancer biology, will lead the research. Gartland also explained about the disease and it’s severity on the Willberry Winder Pony online announcement;

Osteosarcoma is a particularly nasty disease which has very poor survival rates.”

Unfortunately, not all patients respond to chemotherapy – their tumour becomes chemo-resistant and their overall five-year survival rate is then drastically reduced. It’s shocking to think that treatment for this particularly aggressive form of bone cancer hasn’t changed in the past 30 years.

There is clearly a need to understand the mechanisms by which chemo-resistance develops so we can find more effective treatments.”

Additionally, the charity will fund two PhD researchers to investigate why oestarcoma cells become chemotherapy-resistant.

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