Victoria Bax Blog – Back In The Saddle Ready for 2016

Frankie - such a clever boy!
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Victoria Bax Blog – Back In The Saddle Ready for 2016

I hope everyone has had as lovely a Christmas as I have; eating drinking and being towed up the fields by excitable horses, so much so that my groom and I have resulted in wearing our hats when dealing with them, as they have all been rather excitable with the mild weather and restricted turnout I have available.

December has seen the return of my team to their training regime with a couple of days training with Lucy Thompson and Wonderboy has been working on  long and low work which will hopefully help build more strength behind his saddle area. This has been progressing very nicely.

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Crysto aka Wonderboy is progressing nicely
Crysto aka Wonderboy is progressing nicely

Frankie has been tested more than before in the jumping area. I was hugely impressed with him; no fuss, no drama, just plain old jumping no matter what was put up in front on him, resulting in a grid about 90cm in height. His future is looking brighter than ever!

Frankie - such a clever boy!
Frankie – such a clever boy!

Tilly has been rather a handful since returning to work after her holiday, very opinionated and difficult but hopefully I am starting to win her over again now.  She has worked over plenty of raised short distance walk/trot poles to encourage more flexion and less speed!
Milli has come on leaps and bounds since her trip to the vets last month. It has really been highlighted how much of a problem there was before treatment as she is really using herself well now. I have also been using plenty of long distance walk/trot poles to encourage her to stretch further.
I’ve also had a schooling livery in for the last month who I am very pleased with. Her owner came for a lesson two weeks into her stay and couldn’t believe the difference in that time so she is hugely looking forward to collecting her new horse this week, so much so that she has already booked in her other for a month of schooling livery when I have room!
In-between times, I have another horse just arrived for 6 weeks schooling as well. Lessons are starting to fill up again and I have new year clinics organised that have been well received already.
Here’s to a very busy 2016, and wishing everyone a fabulously successful year!”


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