Très Health, the health & fitness centre for equestrians

Très Health New Equestrian Ambassador Jay Halim

Très Health, the health & fitness centre for equestrians

Très Health, the health & fitness centre for equestrians working or living in London and the Home Counties are proud to announce their new association with international show-jumper Jay Halim.

Jay, who is based in Oxfordshire will be the equestrian ‘face of’ the brand, as the company continues to expand it’s expertise across the sports world to welcome equestrians.

Watch the short video of Jay’s initial assessment with Très Health’s Medical Director James Bird below.


“Jay is passionate about fitness and appreciates the importance in training himself both physically and mentally, so is the perfect ambassador for us”

Said Très Health’s Head Of Marketing, Rob Harkavy:

“Très Health offer a range of services for riders to enable them perform to their best of their capabilities and assist riders in their quest to enjoy their time in the saddle, feeling mentally and physically stronger, fitter and happier. Whilst we appreciate that not all our riders are aiming for Rio, we recognise that most riders want to get the most out of their riding and Très Health have the experts and facilities at our disposal to help all riders achieve their equestrian goals, within the constraints of working life”

Très Health has a growing base of equestrian clients across the UK, many of which are ‘desk bound’ riders for the most part during the week. Recognising this difference in developmental support from those riders able to ride more regularly is key. From core strength training, massage, physiotherapy and even sports injury and injury recovery plans, the health club based in Chelsea have the experts and the facilities to tap into this growing market.

Commenting on his new role, Jay Halim says:

“Being riding fit is so important, not just at top level but even at the most basic level, it helps you avoid injuries and enjoy the time you do have, riding and being effective as a rider. The team at Très Health understand my needs and with a wealth of experience in treating top athletes across other sports, I know I am in good hands”

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