euro-star and Hannah Biggs Share Tips on Comfort in the Competition Arena

euro-star riders

euro-star and Hannah Biggs Share Top Tips on Comfort in the Competition Arena

As we head into the warmer weather, euro-star and sponsored rider Hannah Biggs, share tips to keep you and your horse comfortable in the competition arena.

For the rider

euro-star, are well known for their fashionable, technical clothing designed to suit riders across all disciplines. You work hard to provide the best for your horses and that’s why, we at euro-star, work hard to give you the best that you deserve.

Our breeches are our symbol of excellence; designed and developed in Germany and produced in the EU, they are tailored in advanced performance fabrics and provide the perfect fit. All riders are different and all bodies are different, we therefore have a range of breeches that flatter all shapes and sizes.

euro-star breeches
euro-star breeches

We are always looking for the best new fabrics to work with and these fabrics can assist you as a rider by helping you keep cool and comfortable at competitions, leaving you able to concentrate on your performance.

Our Energizer Full Grip breeches are made from a breathable soft shell suitable for use all year round. They are wind, water and dirt repellent; perfect for competitions in our changeable British weather. The Full Grip seat provides stability in the saddle but with full flexibility in knee and buttocks area.

The softshell fabrics we use for jackets and breeches also prevent moisture entering the garment and permeating to your skin; so you stay as dry as possible.

For the horse

As riders, we know our horses come first and so, euro-star VIP Hannah Biggs, shares her tips for keeping your horse cool, and happy at events:


Hannah Biggs has been a euro-star VIP for 2 years and is a regular on the international dressage circuit. Hannah spent much of her childhood in Hong Kong, and is perfectly placed to offer some tips for coping with warm weather.

“Take an electric fan if you’re stabling at a show in the summer and set it up so it blows air into your horse’s stable. Take lots of ice in the lorry for ice boots and ice water wash downs! Don’t forget electrolytes! I use Science Supplements electrolyte powder in the feed and syringes for extra replenishment. Euro-star fly rugs are a must to keep the pesky buzzy things (flies) at bay and also help to keep horses clean at a show!

“If you have the choice, try to ride early morning when it’s still cool, rather than leave it till the hot part of the day. Plenty of walk breaks. When we were riding in Hong Kong, we sometimes had to wash the horses off pre and mid-workout, especially if the horses didn’t sweat as much. If it’s a really hot day and your horse isn’t sweating very much, don’t think it’s not getting hot! Some horses don’t have the ability to sweat very well but that means they can overheat internally, so keep their skin wet to aid evaporation and cooling.

“I’m really looking forward to the summer shows, especially Hartpury and Hickstead! Although watch out for the wasps chasing your ice cream!” 😉

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