Thoroughbred dies after being spooked by Fireworks

Fireworks scare horses

Thoroughbred Dies after being spooked by Fireworks

A Thoroughbred horse has been put to sleep from injuries sustained after being spooked by fireworks.

The 12-year-old bay gelding, Boy, severed his tendon and damaged his cannon bone whilst fleeing the sound of fireworks in his field in Banburgh, Northumbeland. His owner, Nelly Shell, was alerted by a friend who shared the same field with another horse. Vets were immediately called to the scene to treat Boy however following assessment, and a further two separate opinions from other veterinary professionals, Nelly made the heartbreaking decision to put the gelding to sleep due to his extensive injuries.

On her Facebook timeline Nelly added:

His owner is now calling for the sale of fireworks to be limited to those who organize professional events during, on or around bonfire night.

The story serves as a stark reminder of the danger fireworks pose to not only humans, but animals too.

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