Sainsbury’s confirm ban on firework sales for 2021

Sainsbury's ban the sale of fireworks for another year
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Sainsbury’s confirm ban on firework sales for 2021

Sainsbury’s have confirmed their current ban on ‘the sale of fireworks to the general public’ will remain in place for 2021.

The news follows several years where the supermarket giant has refused to retail the goods in their 2,300 stores.

The move strengthens a recent petition that campaigned to ban the sale of fireworks to the general public to protect the young, vulnerable, pets and other livestock that over 307,000 people signed. One of many, the petition highlights the ongoing mass appeal to ban the sale of fireworks.

The family-focused supermarket is well known for retailing seasonal goods and fancies for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and other such occasions. The sale of light up sticks and other similar items will continue. The move follows other news that includes the closure of all Sainsbury’s stores, including petrol stations, on Boxing Day to thank colleagues for efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

While the sale of fireworks will remain for Tesco and Asda, it seems the additional work of retailing the seasonal goods also comes at an additional expense to the store with recourses needed for regulating a ‘safe sale’. However, clear justification for why Sainsbury’s have banned the sale has not been confirmed, with a spokeswoman stating it was for ‘commercially sensitive reasons’.


The news was welcomed by many, including charities who yearly campaign for change.

However, parliament continues to refuse the application to ban the sale of fireworks, closing petitions such as these by stating “the majority of people who use fireworks do so appropriately and have a sensible and responsible attitude towards them”. Currently, the legislation framework only aims to reduce the risk to people and disturbances to animals.

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Unfortunately for many, the dangers and risks of fireworks to horses are more than apparent. Organisations such as the British Horse Society and the RSPCA continue to drill home the message of the dangers of fireworks, with injuries in horses ranging from minor to fatal. 

Organised campaigns such as these offer literature and printable goods to supporters, including online media content and videos to share with friends and the wider community. More information on how you can help visit or

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