Ride for Retraining To Raise Funds for Ex-Racehorses

25 years ride for retraining

Ride for Retraining Campaign to Raise Funds for Ex-Racehorses

To celebrate the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre’s (BTRC) 25th anniversary, the charity has launched – Ride for Retraining and the campaign is underway to raise money by riding around the equivalent of the United Kingdom coastline!

The initiative, to raise £100,000 to help retrain and rehome ex-racehorses, is now 25 years ride for retrainingunderway and the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre has put out a call for riders to get involved in this fantastic idea.

BTRC is the UK’s leading charity wholly dedicated to ex-racehorse welfare. By appropriately retraining and rehoming ex-racehorses from their base in Lancashire the BTRC is proud to provide a secure future for these horses for the rest of their lives.

The scheme has already seen horse riders from the length and breadth of Britain taking part and joining forces to tally up the total mileage with a target of 7,723 miles – the distance around Britain’s mainland coast.

“We want as many riders as possible to join in and support us so that we can help many more of the horses coming out of racing every year to find new and happy careers when their racing days are done” said BTRC Chairman John Sexton.

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All money raised will go to building a further 40 stables at the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre in Lancashire – doubling the size of the current facility with the aim of helping even more of the thousands of racehorses retired from the sport each year.

And BTRC Chief Executive, Gillian Carlisle added: “The Ride for Retraining campaign is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get involved in this great fund-raising appeal. All you have to do is ride as many miles as you can, on your own, with a friend or as part of a planned ride such as a pleasure ride or endurance activity.”

To take part in Ride for Retraining simply visit the BTRC website sign up to ride and donate £10. Everyone who registers will then receive a Ride for Retraining
hi-viz tabard to wear while out hacking or on a pleasure ride.

For further information contact BTRC on (01524) 812649 or please visit www.britishtrc.co.uk

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