Owner of Horse Hit by Car Thanks Followers for Kind Comments

horse hurt in car incident

A Berkshire based horse owner has thanked friends and members of the public for their kind words left on social media after her horse, Fearless, was hit by an unknown driver.

Sally Lee was leading the cob horse, with a trap attached where a driver was on board when the accident happened. The trap spun in the road following the impact, the horse remains in an equine hospital following the incident. The driver of the cart escaped without injury, however, the long term effects to the horse are not yet known.

The accident happened on the 15th October 2019, during a routine trip out onto the roads close by to where Sally keeps the horse. “Everyday we are out driving our horses so are fairly well known in the area and we try to stick to the main roads because it gives everyone more of a chance to see us and have time to slow down” said Sally.

Sally has urged drivers to take caution when approaching and maneuvering around equines and other road users “thankfully bill [the driver] is not badly hurt but our lovely horse is and has been taken to the veterinary hospital for treatment. So please slow down when you see us, if it takes you an extra 2 minutes on your journey that’s not much compared to what can happen”.

“We know being gypsies we are unliked” Sally continued, “but horses don’t deserve you speeding past them and beeping at them”.

The social post has since had 3,500+ comments and has been shared over 4,900 times.



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