Equestrian photographer Embarks on Worldwide Photographic Project

Equestrian photographer Embarks on Worldwide Photographic Project

Scottish photographer Lindsay Robertson is on a mission: to capture every horse breed in its home territory – a project which will see her travel the world, from the Highlands of Scotland to the vast open plains of North America and beyond.

But Lindsay is no stranger to life on the road. Having already travelled across five continents, she is eager to embark on her next adventure.

My passion for photography was first ignited on my overseas travels,” said Lindsay. “I spent seven months backpacking independently around the world in 2009, through 13 different countries and every day new experiences took my breath away.

It was really those experiences that inspired me to change career direction when I returned home to Scotland and resulted in me launching Lindsay Robertson Photography in 2015.”

Since then, Lindsay hasn’t looked back. Her life-long passion for horses – fuelled by a pony mad childhood, where every spare moment was spent outdoors on the family farm amongst the ponies – has been the basis for her work. Lindsay has a lifelong appreciation for the beauty and spirit of the horse, which she considers like no other animal and hopes to also capture this within her imagery.

My photography strives to capture the true character of my subjects with the stunning Scottish landscape as a backdrop. People always remarked at how I not only managed to capture the beauty of the subject but how the images have even more wow factor because of the way I choose to capture the locations also. When I looked at the different horse breeds I wanted to photograph here in the UK, I knew that if I was able capture them on the hillsides where they first originated from, that the images would be more meaningful, more powerful. That concept really excited me and it’s now grown to a worldwide scale. The opportunity to combine my love of travel with my work is fantastic and it will really take the project – which I have named Homelands – to the next level.”

With over 350 horse breeds across the globe, Homelands will be a project of a lifetime for Lindsay and not without its challenges.

There are some breeds which will be a lot more challenging to capture, and perhaps in some cases, impossible. I’ll be keeping a close eye on changing political landscapes but I have accepted that this is an ambitious project and there may be some breeds that defeat me but with a real passion for travel it’s a project I am hugely excited about.”

For more information and to follow Lindsay’s journey, see www.lindsayrobertsonphotography.co.uk/homelands. To follow Lindsay on social media, see /LindsayRobertsonPhotographer on Facebook and @lindsayrobertsonphoto on Instagram. You can also follow the hashtag #homelandsproject

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