Do women in the UK really want to date older men?


When it comes to relationships, age can often be a sensitive subject. In the UK, many people question whether or not women are interested in dating older men. To help answer this question, this article will explore the opinions of both men and women on the topic, as well as offer insight from experts on why women may or may not be interested in older partners. 

The Opinions of Men and Women

When it comes to relationships, men and women often have different views on what they look for in a partner. A survey conducted by YouGov found that while 37% of British women would consider dating someone older than them, only 24% of British men would do the same. The same survey also found that 19% of British men choose not to date someone younger than them, whereas only 7% of British women said the same. 

Reasons Why Women May Want to Date Older Men


For some women, there can be many benefits to dating an older man. Some mature men might possess qualities that younger guys do not—such as maturity and financial stability—which can make them appealing partners for young women looking for security and stability in their lives. This is why sugar daddy relationships even exist. 

Additionally, older men might already have life experience under their belt which makes them more understanding about certain situations like career changes or personal growth. 

Another reason why some women may be interested in dating an older guy is that they find his confidence attractive. Studies have shown that older men tend to be seen by society as having better success at work, more money, and maintaining their looks—otherwise known as “the midlife crisis”—which could give them an edge when it comes to attracting younger partners. 

Reasons Why Women May Not Want to Date Older Men

At the same time, there are reasons why some younger women may not want to date an older man. For instance, societal norms still dictate that a woman should marry a man close to her age – if she chooses someone much older than her, she could face criticism from family members or judgment from friends and strangers alike. Furthermore, research suggests that emotional connections are stronger between people who are close in age, which could make it harder for an older man and a younger woman to form an intimate bond based on trust and understanding. 

Additionally, non-traditional relationships such as dating someone much older than you carry with them certain legal implications—especially if one partner is significantly wealthier than the other—which can cause extra stress on top of any relationship issues that arise between two people regardless of their ages. 

What are the statistics?

Statistics show that relationships in the UK involving an older man and younger woman are on the rise. According to a study by YouGov, 15% of British adults have dated someone at least ten years older than them. Another study by Relationships Scotland found that almost one in three marriages involve a wife who is more than five years younger than her husband. 

Despite this trend, however, many people still hold traditional views about age-gap relationships and widely believe that women should not date men significantly older than themselves. A survey conducted by YouGov revealed that 28% of British adults think it is wrong for a woman to date a man more than ten years her senior, while only 18% disagreed with the statement. 

Overall, statistics show that although more people are beginning to accept age-gap relationships in the UK, some stigma is still attached to them, and traditional attitudes remain common among many members of society.


At the end of the day, whether or not a woman wants to date an older man is completely up to her own individual preferences and desires when it comes to relationships; there isn’t one blanket answer that applies across all scenarios, so it’s important for each person involved in such a relationship situation consider how they feel about it before getting into anything too serious with each other. That being said, though, there are certainly pros and cons associated with dating someone who is significantly different from you, either through age or life experience.

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