Dengie Fit Club Deals with Dangers of Overfeeding and Obesity

Dengie Fit Club

Dengie Fit Club Deals with Dangers of Overfeeding and Obesity –

Dengie launch their Dengie Fit Club

Dengie Fit Club – Despite increased publicity of the dangers associated with overfeeding and obesity, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of investigated cases relating to obesity and laminitis. In fact, obese horses now present welfare organisations with more problems than underweight.

The latest research published by the National Equine Health Survey (NEHS) 2015 stated that, of the 15,000 horses included in the study, 23% were described as overweight – up from 16.9% the previous year. Being overweight predisposes horses to diseases such as laminitis, EMS and PPID (Cushing’s Disease).

Dengie have made it their mission for 2016 to help raise awareness and battle this issue with their Fit Club initiative.  Designed to help educate horse owners, the Fit Club will provide nutritional help and support for all horse owners, not just Dengie customers. Armed with the weighbridge – the scales never lie – Dengie’s team will be on hand to impart the benefits of a low-calorie, high-fibre diet and carry out condition scoring workshops, aiming to improve the health and general well-being of the UK’s horses and ponies.

While it may seem strange that a company in the business of selling horse feed is encouraging owners to “watch what their horse eats”, Dengie wants to educate horse owners that fibre based feeds that are naturally low in energy (calories) and a balanced regime of exercise can be life changing.


Dengie will be running online and social media competitions encouraging participants to achieve the ‘healthiest’ weight in the safest possible way. Everyone who signs up will be offered advice and support to help achieve weight-loss goals.

To join the Fit Club simply register via Facebook at or call 0845 345 5115 (Calls cost 2p per minute from a landline and 2.5p per minute from a mobile plus the phone company’s access charge).