British Eventing Announce New FEI Admission Policy


British Eventing Announce New FEI Admission Policy

New for this year British Eventing have introduced the ‘British Eventing FEI Event Admissions Policy for Owners’, creating an open and clear set of guidelines for owners with horses competing at FEI events.

Developed with Event organisers, the Event Horse Owners Association (EHOA) and Event Riders Association UK (ERA) the new Policy aims to standardise the offering throughout the various BE Owner packages. Both BE and the FEI have not previously delivered rules or regulations surrounding the number of individual owners a registered horse is permitted, however due to the practicalities of displaying owner names on documents such as passports, the Policy has been shaped following research at several International events.

The proposal advises that individual horse owners, as listed on the FEI Passport, will receive a car pass, two event passes, two owner badges and, if possible, one FEI stable wristlet. The main point of contact on the BE Database for Company Owners will receive the same benefits as individual owners and it will be at the event organisers discretion to offer additional passes or discounted rates.

The Primary Syndicate Members registered with BE will be offered three car passes and three pairs of event passes and six owner badges, and again it will be at the discretion of the event organiser if they can offer further passes and discounts.

Owners will also be invited to the prize giving and events may decide how many are appropriate in agreement with the riders.

Cathy Butler, event horse owner and Chairman of the EHOA, commented following their assistance in developing the new owner policy; “Owning an event horse can be a costly business and whether you are a single owner, part owner, company owner or part of a syndicate it is important to understand the benefits you may receive prior to becoming an event horse owner and to know what admission procedures, entry tickets, stable passes etc. would be available at Events.

“In the past there has definitely been some disparity between the different events and it was felt for owners, riders and the organisers it would be helpful to standardise the offering to all the owner groups and in doing so achieve clear guidelines that Events can follow.”

The EHOA welcomes this paper and will act on behalf of owners to give any helpful or constructive feedback as necessary or when required. For more information on the EHOA please visit

The full British Eventing FEI Event Admissions Policy for Owners can be downloaded HERE.

Details on the BE Owner Membership options can be found at


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