#BETTAJanuary Motivates Riders through January

#BETTAJanuary image of showjumper, Robert Smith

Will you be, or have you already joined the #BETTAJanuary challenge?

A new initiative has been launched to help motivate horse owners and riders through one of the hardest months of the year, January. The #BETTAJanuary challenge thought of and set up by the creators of the renowned equine supplements PharmaQuin, PharmaTRAC and PharmaPlast, is set to encourage riders to ‘take action’ this January.

The BETTALife team have set the ambitious challenge of posting motivational and inspiring videos, challenges and more over the next 31 days for all those who are wanting to get involved!

BETTALife have long demonstrated a strong passion and dedication for all aspects of equestrian health and wellbeing. 

Day 3 Challenge from Facebook

Suitable for all levels of riders from all disciplines to help kick start 2020. Challenges include expert supplement advice along with tips and challenges to try from their supported riders. Each day offers something different, all designed with the horse and rider in mind. Highlights include an opportunity win a lesson with showjumper Robert Smith as well as stretches for horses and riders and jumping and polework exercises to try.

BETTA Life offers targeted nutritional support using high specification ingredients with no fillers or bulking agents. Relied upon by high profile riders including showjumpers Annabel Shields and Robert Smith as well as eventers Hazel Towers and Millie Dumas, all BETTA Life products are free from banned substances and are regularly batch tested for purity, offering only the highest quality products.

Day 5 Challenge from Facebook

To join in with the #BETTAJanuary challenge, take a look at the BETTA Life Facebook page for further details. With even more polework ideas, showjumping tips and challenges for the rider, it’s not too late to join in!