Aviform MSM Pure Horse Joint Supplement Review

Aviform MSM Horse Joint Supplement

At one point or another, it is likely you may consider joint supplements for your horse or pony. There are many available on the market all claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread, but how do you know they will do what they say on the tin? The short answer to that is, you can never be sure and like with any supplementation, trial and error is usually the only way.

There are some steps you can take, however, to give you the best possible chance of purchasing a supplement that works. Checking out the ingredients will give you a great indication once you have a deeper understanding of how those ingredients work and checking out other customer reviews is always a good start.

We came across the Aviform MSM Pure Horse Joint Supplement recently and wanted to take a look into this product further to decipher how well realistically this would work for your horse.

Who is Aviform?

Aviform Ltd has been providing nutritional supplements to the pet industry since 1977 and provides products for all different types of pets such as birds, dogs, and cats as well as equines. They are a UK company based out of Wymondham, South Norfolk, and distribute to over 40 countries worldwide.

Aviform’s innovative products are formulated without compromise, using only the finest ingredients from an approved and accredited network of trusted suppliers, to ensure ultimate product quality and performance.


The horse’s likely to benefit from Joint Supplements

Many horses can benefit from joint supplements and not just those unfortunate equines that suffer from arthritis at an older age. Younger horse’s in harder, faster work can also massively benefit from a supplement boost that will help prevent injury and also speed up recovery should an injury occur. Some examples of horses that may benefit from joints supplements are:

  • Dressage – extension and precise movements take its toll on joints
  • Jumping – the impact of landing can have a massive effect on horse’s joints
  • Cross Country – the combination of landing heavily from jumps and hard ground (grass)
  • Endurance – The impact of rough terrain for long periods
  • Driving – Hock and Stifle issues are common from wear and tear through intense competition
  • Horses on poor surfaces – this would apply to horses that do lots of road work on hard tarmac surfaces

What Does Aviform MSM Pure Joint Supplement Do?

The Aviform MSM Pure Joint Supplement aims to provide thorough joint maintenance using the highest grade ingredients to allow your horse to lead the healthiest and happiest life possible. It aids to maintain good hair and skin condition and is a good source of bioavailable Sulphur which helps circulation.

Ingredients in Aviform MSM Horse Joint Supplement

Quite often less is more and Aviform MSM Pure Horse Joint Supplements have taken this approach in their formula. It has been made with 99.9% MSM and absolutely zero fillers or unnecessary filers, making this one of the purest forms of supplements on the market as the name suggests.

Methyl sulfonyl methane, otherwise known as MSM, is a popular horse joint supplement ingredient that is usually combined with other highly regarded ingredients such as Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid. It can help to fully support the strong connective tissue around your horse’s joints, particularly after rigorous exercise. This can be a great solution for horses that carry out hard, fast work such as eventing or racing as it helps to speed up the muscle recovery time.

It can also be a very successful solution for treating chronic arthritis, particularly in older horses. It helps to manage pain and is a viable aid for healing an injury such as wounds and lacerations.


In conclusion, we are not entirely convinced that MSM alone will have the desired effect you are looking for to treat horses with joint problems. This ingredient is nearly always combined with others such as Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid, and Chondroitin for a reason. It is possible the higher level of MSM could have a more desirable effect when used on its own.

We are not suggesting that this would not work at all for your horse and like we mentioned previously, there is an element of trial and error involved when introducing new supplements. We just believe that the formula needs an extra boost from some of the other most popular ingredients to pack a punch. Horses with severe arthritis may need a more complex formula to feel a difference and there hasn’t been enough research into MSM to suggest otherwise.

On a more positive note, this product has received some good reviews so it is definitely working for some horse owners and the price per bag is certainly not out of reach. Aviform goes as far as to say their MSM Pure Horse Joint Supplement is the lowest price in Europe. We can’t 100% confirm this, but we would consider this a very good buy in terms of price.

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