Aldi Equestrian Range Available to Pre-Order Now!

Aldi Equestrian Range 2017 available to pre order now
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Aldi Equestrian Range Available to Pre-Order Now!

  • Pre-order equestrian range from 19/01/2017
  • Available in stores from 26/01/2017
  • Great value

The highly anticipated Aldi Equestrian Range for 2017, or country apparel if you prefer, is now available to pre-order online via the Aldi website

The Aldi equestrian range has proven popular with horse lovers, riders and outdoor enthusiasts since the initial launch. Since then once, maybe twice, a year Aldi will launch a new variety of products to the market. 2017 brings an exciting new collection of horse and rider ware.

Known for its value, the stock is soon to sell out, so to avoid missing out on the size you need, you can now pre-order online for dispatch on, or shortly after, the 26th January!

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This years range includes a standard neck stable rug, a fixed neck turnout rug, a variety of rider clothing, haynets, headcollars and more!

The official launch in stores isn’t until the 26th January, however to be sure to get what you want, visit  today to place your pre-order!

Product Description Price
Fixed Neck Turnout Rug 34.99
Ladies Softshell Riding Breeches 29.99
Ladies Blouson Jacket 24.99
Pm:Ladies Walking Boots 19.99
Stable Rug 19.99
Ladies Lined Softshell Jacket 19.99
Pm: Mens Walking Boots 19.99
Ladies Riding Gilet 14.99
Ladies  Zip Top 14.99
Canvas Dog Bed 9.99
Waterproof Dog Coat 8.99
Saddle Pad / Numnah 8.99
Winter Equestrian Gloves 6.99
Horse Head Collar 3.99
Hay Net 3.99


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