10 Ridiculous Reasons Why We Love Horses


10 Ridiculous Reasons Why We Love Horses

  1. They leave our bank balance successfully in the red each month
  2. We enjoy hurtling around an arena with no breaks during early spring, it helps keep life interesting and our riding skills sharp
  3. We enjoy being dirty! Mud is supposed to be a good exfoliator you know, all the top sauna’s use it dh!
  4. Sleep is over rated anyway, we enjoy 5.30am starts even at the weekends
  5. We don’t like to go out and socialize, we’d rather spend it being cold and wet with the horse
  6. We enjoy being kicked, stood on and ran off with as it keeps us fit!
  7. Paying our hay man is keeping him in a job, he can feed his family throughout the year now (you see how thoughtful we are?!)
  8. We get away with talking to ourselves (we just say we were talking to the horse)
  9. Wasting time is what we do best, we spend hours perfecting banks, levelling the base and digging out tiny pieces of poo for the horse to destroy our masterpiece in under a minute
  10. We get away with looking dirty when down the supermarket, just throw on the jods and chaps and we’ll be excused

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