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10 Things You Must Do Now You Own a Horse

10 Things You Must Do Now You Own a Horse

It’s like a gang, a club, a jam packed bustling community of muddy horse goers that have had their heart beat replaced with a hoof beat – we are of course talking about horse owners…

Once you’re in you’re hooked and there’s no going back!

So to help you along, now you own a horse, here’s 10 things absolutely every horse owner must do in order to earn their stripes;

1. Never leave any Facebook Meme untouched, whether you like, share or comment every single last one must be accounted for.

2. Enter every competition you see, and join at least 300 FB groups to do with horses.

3. You are now an expert, so offering your expertise, even when not asked for, is a must.

4. Visit your local supermarket wearing a pair of knee high (muddy) riding boots along with a pair of cream jodhpurs, jacket and some sort of heavily branded polo shirt.

5. Set your tv to record your fav soaps as chances are you won’t be arriving home till gone 9, as your horse had a meltdown over a grid he’s walked past almost a million times.

6. Sign up to as many equestrian publications, newsletter and websites as you can, so you can’t see the important emails for looking; for what William Fox-Pitt does on a daily basis is now life, anything else is merely insignificant.

7. Ask the bank for a £100,000 overdraft with a 50 year repayment plan as you’re (well your horse) is going to need it.

8. Cancel gym memberships, social gatherings and any other events you have planned that aren’t anything to do with horses as you’re going to be too filthy and exhausted throughout winter to do anything.

9. Anticipate your horses every move, know your limits and inevitably be prepared to push those limits on a daily basis when taking your horse out to the field, especially in spring!

10. Lastly, yet most importantly, enjoy and love your horse, for he will most probably be the best friend you’ve ever had ….

This is a very much so a tongue-in-cheek piece which we had a giggle putting together as we still do most of the points above, on a daily basis. We are all of course individual and only ever mean the very best to people around us, our horses and those in our equestrian family….

Happy October everyone!!

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